Zensar  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   H.C.E.T. Jabalpur-06 Apr 2007

Zensar  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   H.C.E.T. Jabalpur-06 Apr 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012




    hi there, I  attended the open campus recruitment of Zensar held in H.C.E.T. Jabalpur.I wasn't able to clear the written but I am posting this paper so that u can utilize my xperience in cracking Zensar.

    The paper had 4 sections -:

    1) EU

    2 questions on synonymns 1word was acrimonious & I don't remember the other 1

    2 ques. on antonymns like amorous

    some ques on grammar corrections & 1 RC very easy

    there were 21 ques  & the time was 20 min. Friends if u have gud hold in English then u need not 2 worry about this section.


    2)Quant apti

    20 ques 20 min

    Most of the ques were based on Profit & Loss, Pipes & cisterns, Percentages

    Speed & distance, time & Work, DI. Prepare well 4 this section from R.S. aggrawal Quant


    3) Logical  Reasoning

    20 ques 20 min

    This was very easy. even without preparation u can solve atleast 8 to 10 ques.

    2 ques on DI pi chart

    3 ques from syllogisms

    1 ques on number series

    17,31,59,115,?                 (exact ques) ans 227

    2-3 ques on coding encoding

    3 ques on seating arrangements

    a,b,c,d,e,f r to be arranged around a hexagon, a should be opposite of f, d should be between a & b bl ab la bla

    rest I don't remember.


    4) Technical

    21 ques in 20 min very easy

    ques were basically from C,RDbms, data com  computer architecture

    only a basic knowledge of C is required to crack this section.


    so friends prepare well & try to attempt as many ques as u can as there is no negative marking. try to attempt atleast 14 ques in each section.

    Best of Luck



    Varun Rao

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