Zensar  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   H.C.E.T , Jabalpur-06 Apr 2007

Zensar  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   H.C.E.T , Jabalpur-06 Apr 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012



    The test consist 4 section.

    out of 500-600 students onty 75 cleared the written test and i m one of them but unfortunately i have not selected. the technical section is quite easy but aptitute part is quite tough,but if u r good in time management so u can do it well.i m not remember all ques..bt some que..i remember so i give u the idea..

    1.REASONING:- In this section the ques is based on seriese of alphabets lile find the how many letters are not in theire currect place like abcfedghilkjmnorqpstuvwxyz. and some ques on sitting arrangement.

    2.VERBAL:-in this section the ques based on fill in the blanks ans find the error and  comprehension and some ques on jumbeled sentence and analogy and synonyms and antonyms ques..

    3.TECHNICAL:-1.some c que ques like what is the out put of the program like

    void main()

     int i=0;
    for(  ;  ;  )


    2.which converts the assembly lang into objectcode.
    (1) compiler.
    (2) linker.

    3.whict protocol is used when file through internet is send from one server to another server.

    4.which protocol is used for file transfer

    5.what is the output of program
    void main()
     int i;
    { int i=3;

    6.recursen is used to
    ans:-(1)reduce the execution time

    7. accessing of tap in a machin is like

    8.the tuple in a table represent the

    so there is 25 ques in verbal section and 22 in aptitute and 21-21 ques in tech and reasoning sections.

    1.tell me abt urself?
    2.how many lang u know?
    3.do u know the concept of database?
    4.implement the link list ?
    5.make a prog of fabbonacci series?
    6.make a program to find the given in string is palandrom or not?
    7.types of data structure?
    8.what is abstract class?
    9.def.of binary tree?
    10.types of access specifire?
    11.diff  b/w  private and protected acc. spe..?
    12.diff b/w multiple and multilevel inheritence?
    13.draw the basic archetecture of computer?
    14.diff of friend function?
    15.what is virtual function ?

    HR :-
    1 tell me abt urself?
    2.how was the written test?
    3.how many brothers and sisters do u have?
    4.occupation of ur father ?
    5.ur native place?
    6.tell me abt ur hobbies?
    7.can u live alone?
    8.have u been to pune? and if yes so how many times?
    9.how many cities u have been visited ?
    10.why should i select u?
    11.tell me abt ZENSAR?
    and at last the HR gave me papers and told me to write a essay on BPO.
    at last out of 75 students only 22 selected..... 


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