Zensar  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   DIT Dehradun -13 Mar 2007

Zensar  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   DIT Dehradun -13 Mar 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012



    I appeared in zensar pool campus drive which was  held in DIT dehradun on 14th march 2007 .It comprised of writtten + technical-interveiw+ essay writing+HR round.
    out of around 300 studnets only 51 could clear the apti..and only 13 were seletced after the  interviews.

    The written test had 4 sections . each consists of 22 questions.There was no negative marking and each section had the time limit of 20 minutes . one cant jump to other section and cant turn switch to next section unless told by the invigilators...many copies were cancelled because of that only.

    English section:
     5 questions on filling most appropriate word in five setences.
    ex :Q1:
    1) evryone has the _______ to speak and write.
    2) he has not any____ to use the company's car and bunglow. etc   and 3 more.
    we had to select most appropriate word. that would fit in all the above sentences.
    a)right(ans)  b)...c)...d)....
    questions on one word substitution..one short but difficult  reading passage ,
    2 questiosn were on analogies.
    2 questions were ..to select the part of the sentence which is grammatically incorrect.
    They are no less than seventy students in the class.

    Analytical reasoning::
    1)refer R.S.Aggrawal logical reasoning..
    2) one question was like...there are 7 persons ..out fo them only one was male....their profession s are enginer, doctors and teachers,
    out of them only 3 ar teachers, 2 doctor and 2 engineer. there are three care santro, maruti , and wagon r .. thens ome condtions were given   ..A can not go with B in car santro.
     2 people of same profession cna not go in same car..
    ....was easy ..
    3)line graph of three countries on taxe was given. then questions on theire comparison of annual etc  taxes were asked (easy one).
    4) a sequence was given.,
    a) how many alphabets are not at thier correct postions   ..
    (options: 8 ,7,13,...)

    b) how many of pair of alphabbets are there at correct positions.
    (options : 13 , 6, ...)
    2 more questions relate dtro it..were bit confusing...

    Quantitave(22 questions):
    very easy quetsions were there of 7th standard level.
    1) 2 chairs and 3 tables cost Rs 400,  6 tables and 7 chairs cost Rs700.
    find cost of 3 chairs and 4 tables.

    2) a person sells 2 horses in 1600 rs. he gained 5% on one horse and 5% loss on other. what was his net profit or loss.
    3) one question was on DI.
    questiosn were easy but we could not attemp all as the time was very less..

    technical:(23 questions)
    1) u v used MODIFY and then SKIP-3 commands one after the other in the table of 30 records.
    on which record will be the cursor.
    a) 28th b)27th (ans) c)3rd ...record.

    2) which of the following protocol will be sued  when u want to communicate with a system to obtain files. effciently.
    a) TFTP b)FTP (ans) c) udp d)..
     some c output questions ,,
    one quest. on c++ o/p
    rdbms and networking (related to protoocls ) were asked..

    time management is the main key to crack the apti..

    prepare C , c++ ..they
    some quetsions were:
    1) tell about urslf .., quets related to project..
    a program to check which of the 3 nos is equal to 5..how many ways are their..
    ans : one by simple if-else method, then using nested ternary operator(?:),by makin a function using preprocessor directive.
     2) to make a progoram to print the pattern ..
             1 2
             1 2 3
    so tht the user enters the rows..(write evrythign in the prgram ..include header files also)
    then theya ske d quest relate d to tht program.  eg: if i include header fiel at the bottom of the main will it give error..ans : it wont..)
    be confidendt he 'lla sk amny times " r u sure".

    3) asked wht is encapsulation ..explain it till he didnt look satisfactory try to tell him using examples..
    4) wht is virtual function. overloading and overriding ..
    does overriding and overloading depend on return type
    he the n worte   certain functions:
    int sum(int ,int)
    double sum (int ,float, int)
    double sum( int ,int)
    which out of them follow overloading .

    after tech intrvw we were given a topic to write on it...mine was"impact of films on youth",, othe rppl were gvien topics like  "is outsourcing losing it s  grip in India."   "wht life has taught u" "why should we hire u and wht qualities u v ",....." wht books give u "..etc
    try to use  certain impressive wors in ur riting draw the conclusion..at the end..

    my Hr went till 35 mins...she was throign quetsiong.
    shhe first read my eassy ...thoroughly.. then she asked ..okay tell abt urslf in 1 min.. she gave certain situations...try to show  them tht uv values..they were chekcing my patience... She then asked whr do us ee urslf after 5 years.. she then asked whr do u see urslf in zensar aftr 5 yrs ( i said as projct mangr) then she aske dafter 2 yrs ..i saind (senior s/w engr) and aftr 10yrs   i said ceo on tht she asked  ...do uv the qualtiie of becoming a ceo.. wht 'll u do to becoe m a ceo..i explaind..all tht stuff.. she then asked wht value u 'lla dd to zensar.etc..

    fortunately i was one among the 13 selected..
    the key is tht be cool..and give the answeres confidently,,with a smiling face..
    BEST OF LUCK!!!!!

    Anuja Shukla

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