Zensar  Placement Paper   Aptitude - General   GHRCE, Nagpur-13 Dec 2010

Zensar  Placement Paper   Aptitude - General   GHRCE, Nagpur-13 Dec 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Zensar Technologies
    14th December, 2010 GHRCE, Nagpur. Zensar technologies conducted a pooled campus interview, eligibility criteria was 55% aggregate and No Live ATKT. (for students of GHRIEM, Jalgaon criteria was no Backlog.
    More than 550 students appeared for the aptitude test which was online. 150 students were shortlisted after the aptitude test.
    Group of 15 people were formed into 10 groups and GD was conducted, two parallel sessions were held.
    * 80 students were shortlisted for Technical + HR interview.
    * 26 students were finally selected.
    * 3.2 p.a. was the package offered. Location of job, Pune.

    1) Aptitude test (online)

    * General aptitude 30 marks 30 questions 30 minutes. (R.S Aggarwal quantitative)
    * C technical test 20 marks 20 questions 20 minutes (Technical questions include codes of program)
    * SQL technical test 10 marks 10 questions 10 minutes (objective type)
    2) Technical + HR interview
    * Was asked about BE project.
    * Current status of Project work.
    * Was asked algorithms for few C programs.
    * Many logical questions on C were asked.
    * Result of compilation of many given programs was asked.
    * One general logical question was asked.
    * Was asked about two favorite subjects.
    * Questions were asked on dbms and then web designing.
    * What do you think am I going to select you?

    We were told to arrive at the campus at 9am. Pre-Placement talk was conducted 10am ? 11am

    Aptitude test was conducted in different computer labs, parallel sessions were held between 11:30am to 1:30pm.

    General aptitude test was bit tough compared to C and SQL test. It consisted of 5 times and work questions 5 logical questions 5 ratio and proportion questions 2-3 profit loss questions 2-3 percentage questions and 5 fill in the blank types and 5 logical reasoning questions.
    C and SQL technical test was easy and based on the basics.
    Students were allowed to take break between 3 sections of aptitude test and there were neither sectional cut-off nor negative marking. 150 students were short-listed after aptitude test and names were announced in the auditorium at 2 pm.
    Group discussion started around 3:30 pm, my turn came around 5 pm. Madam asked us for suggestion of topic, everyone was given chance to speak. Topic for our group was effect of cinema on youth of nation.

    My performance in GD was rocking I gave example of RDB influence on Jesica Lal Murder Case and told about example from my personal life, how I personally got inspired after watching the movie The Social Network which is based on founder of Facebook., after that I concluded the session very well.

    4 students were selected from my group and were told about the selection there itself.

    My technical interview began around 7:30 pm and lasted for an hour.
    I was able to answer questions based on basics of C but was unable to answer perfectly some difficult questions but was selected luckily because of good knowledge of basic concepts, communication skills, personality, confidence etc and was told about selection at the end of HR interview.

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