Yahoo  Placement Paper   General - Other   College Of Engineering,Delhi-29 Jul 2004

Yahoo  Placement Paper   General - Other   College Of Engineering,Delhi-29 Jul 2004

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi frnds..I got thru YAHOO-campus recruitment (Delhi College of Engineering-29 July, 2004).I really benefited from the information and the material provided at the site. I wud really like to thank her for starting this portal so tat freshers like me could get the required guidance and information. THANK YOU

    The pattern of the paper was as follows:
    Aptitude test-comprising of three sections.

    a.)Vocabulary-Duration 20 mins.
    10 synonyms, 10 antonyms, 6 fill in the blanks, 6 qustns on passage.
    Symonyms and antonyms were a bit though but the remaining were very easy.

    b.)Quantitative-Duration 40 mins.
    Qustns were pretty easy in this section. U just need to stay focused as these were the kind of qustns where one could make silly mistakes. That's all u required to clear this section because the questions were very very easy.

    c.)Reasoning-Duration 30 mins.
    There were 3 case sets in this section. All the three were easy. One question was of the time table schedule problem, second was on blood relations and the third was a regular on the arrangements of various people.

    After you get thru the aptitude, psychometric test followed soon. It consisted of 150 questions to be attempted in 30 mins. The qustns were same tat have been repeating over the years. The safest and surest way of clearing this section is to just read the question and mark the answer. The questions would be reflecting ur personality. So as sson as u read the questn jst think for a second and mark the answer. If u take too long to think then u'll start thinking about the ethical and moral values and then u might be tempted to mark against ur personality but then this test has similar kinds of questns again and again so u need to b consistent with ur answer. So follow what ur HEART says and not what ur mind says. Remember there's an upper cut off also in this test so u if u seem to mark all the answers then intentionally leave
    some of them. These questns will only have three options Yes, No and Cant Say.
    NEVER EVER mark Cant Say. Its better to leave a qustn rather than marking Cant Say.

    After you clear the psyco test, u'll have two rounds of interview- Technical and HR.
    For technical interview you should at least prepare two subjects well so that u can put forward them as ur favorite subjects. Since u r appluing for a job in IT firm u should always prepare for C,C++ cos the interviewer expects u to atleast have some preliminary knowledge of these two.

    After the technical interview, you'll be having HR interview and common questn asked are as follows
    1.)why do u want to join YAHOO?
    2.)Why should we hire you?
    3.)(If u r not from computer background) why do you want to make this shift?
    4.)Where do you see yourself 1/3/ years from now in your carrer?
    5.)Where do you see yourself finally in your carrer? (these two questions are completely different so be careful while answering)

    Remember the following while going for any interview;
    1.)Always maintain an eye contact with the interviewer.
    2.)Must go thru the site of the company.
    3.)Must have information about the CEO of the company.
    4.)Always look confident and say only those things of which u r sure and confident in the interview.


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