Yahoo  Placement Paper   General - Other   -12 Mar 2004

Yahoo  Placement Paper   General - Other   -12 Mar 2004

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    7 Jan, 2012

    YAHOO PAPER ON 12th MARCH,2004

    Hi friends,I made it thru YAHOO thanx to all you people out there. I gave the online test on 12th March, 2004.Sorry for being so late.
    Few hints for those u r waiting for the test

    1. Verbal section :

    apothesis , balmy, inurate , mundane , maze - these are the words i remember. for this part i.e. syn and antonyms go thru barron . mug up all the words that came in previous papers and at least the high frequency words of barron.For Reading comprehension and fill in the blanks if you don't get enough time to finish at least answer all - there is no -ve marking. don't leave anything.

    2. Quantitative section :
    The questions are same as in prev papers. practice those .

    3. Critical Section:
    Now this is the toughest part of the paper . Pick up either 11th, 12th or 13 th edition of Barron ( not the later editions ) . practice thoroughly the critical and analytical part of the model papers and the exercise of analytical section  and if they don't change the database u will get common. Remember it is a  tough task to solve a unseen logical problem unless it is easy sitting before the comp. Do practice them thoroughly.

    For Technical interview they are not getting into depth just the basics of the important subjects.

    For HR  interview just be confident . They asked questions like name 10 it companies and their ceo's ? what is nasscom ? what post does S.
    Ramadorai have in nasscom ? Even if u can't answer these questions people r making it thru - they are checking the attitude.

    Hope you may find it useful,

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