Yahoo  Placement Paper   General - Interview   -21 Jun 2004

Yahoo  Placement Paper   General - Interview   -21 Jun 2004

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    7 Jan, 2012


    hello friends,I finally got into YAHOO.(thru on-campus).i hav no words to express my joy.First of all,i wud like to express my hearty thanks This group has helped me a lot in getting the latest YAHOO papers .May be without that,i wouldn't hav cleared the aptitude.

    It was a online exam.the pattern is same . Most of the Questions were same as the anna univ. campus paper 21 jun2004 held last month.
    verbal- 30 Q  
     --------------  20 min(mostly from GRE Barrons antonyms-exercises Q)
    quantz -34 Q      
    ---------------  40 min(solve the latest papers)
    critical reasoning -12 Q
    ------------------30 min(need practice,Quite diificult,iwas able to solve only two)
    if u clear the aptitude,automatically phycometric Q will appear on ur screen.or else disqualified.

    Psychometric test -
    150 Q -30 min(the same 150 Q as in the previous papers).Many Qs will  look alike ,keep in memory wat ans hav u given for a Q with similar meaning before. as such there were no filteration. if u clear phyco they will give u a form to fill up.write only the subjects u know very well.

    Technical interview:
    Do prepare very well for ur interview Be thorough  with at least 2 subjects.they will ask u ur fav.subject. the interview was about 40 min.
    Asked many Questions from OOPS(basic concepts)Operating sys,(deadlocking,types of os etc.),Data structures.  DBMS(locking etc)
    Only write the prg. languages u r familiar with ,in the form. they asked to write a prg on fibonacci series. some general Ques like
    Why YAHOO?
    why should we recruit u.? 
    Don't forget to see the YAHOO website before u attend the interview. one imp. thing NEVER give a negative answer for a Ques like 
    Are u willing to go Abroad?say yes. they will try to change ur mind.don't give up.
    I was asked a ques like
    Are r u ready to go turkey or ukraine?
    There was  a lot of filteration in this round.

    HR interview
    Only for some 15 min. very easy questions like
    Tell about urself.
    some basic tech questions about microprocessor 85,86 multitasking and mutithreading. diff in Windows and unix os(no give ans like GUI)
    features of Unix OS
    Do ask some ques if the interviewer ask u to do so like wat r the skills req to be successful in this industry, the working environment etc...
    all the best.if u hav any query about the exam or interview ,feel free to write to me.  bye.......... i hav a Query regarding the Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. exam. My friend is in urgent need of the IOCL pattern or papers. if any of u hav attended the exam kindly send the papers (computer science strem) I will be very grateful .

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