Xansa  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Mahalingam College Pollachi-26 Jun 2007

Xansa  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Mahalingam College Pollachi-26 Jun 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hai........I am Lavanya.k studying final year b.tech..............I have undergone Xansa recruitment procedure in this week. I am happy to share my experience to you all.

    Company has 4 rounds....
    1 round- Aptitude round- 50 questions 50 marks
    The question paper was  easy. It  contains General Apps(fill the series,time and work,etc....) 25 questions. It also has technical apps.25 questions. Only " C" questions. If u thorough the "Let us c" by Yashwanth Kanithkar,its more than enough..             

    2 round- Group discussion...
    My topic is " Is GD a correct tool in Recruitment process" I was asked to speak that GD is necessary tool. Before discussion, they asked for self introduction..  To get selected,we should speak confidently and clearly.. only 3 out of 10 got selected and i was one among them.

    3 round Technical round..
    It was also easy to me... First they asked about my achievements,strength etc and we speaked generally. then he gave a simple program( to get 100 students mark and to display how many students are greater than 150) and he asked to modify the program by displaying the corresponding students name,address etc..)

    some more questions........
    -> achievements
    -> what do you know about IT industry
    -> how do you learn the unknown things.
    -> have u helped others regarding education. if so how?
    -> asked about company and PPT..
    -> Extra courses
    It took more than 30 min for me........ 

    4 round- HR
    Immediately after tech,i was asked to come for HR......here also some general questions like (tell about yourself,strength etc..........) He asked ,if there is any question from me i asked" How was my performance till this round"  He said "good, i want to discuss with my team and i will announce the result" i was really happy, when i finished my HR..........And finally i got selected..............confidence and good communication skill plays a important role..............

    All the best....

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