WIPRO  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   VVP Engineering College, Rajkot-28 Apr 2007

WIPRO  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   VVP Engineering College, Rajkot-28 Apr 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hello Friends..!! It really feels amazing to become a wiproite at an age of 20..!! I am a student of 6th semester EC at VVP Engineering College, Rajkot.

    On 28th April, 2007 Wipro visited my college for an on campus interview for students of Saurashtra University. 1400 Students appeared in it and only 40 got selected. So I m feeling really great to be amongst those lucky 40 gems..!!

    The Entire test procedure was like this...
    - VERBAL TEST (15 Questions)
    - QUANTITATIVE TEST (15 Questions)
    - TECHNICAL TEST (20 Questions)

    [3] H.R. INTERVIEW

    [1] APTUTUDE TEST (9:45 am-10:45am)
    -VERBAL TEST (15 Questions)

    U need a very strong VOCABULARY to clear the Verbal Section. I suggest you to refer GRE BARRONS for it. Prepare all the HIGH FREQUENCY WORDS FROM BARRONS. IT IS MUST. OTHERWISE NON-ENGLISH MEDIUM STUDENTS WILL SUFFER A LOT.

    They ask questions like:
    *Identify the INAPPROPRIATE WORD from the words given below
    (1) Procedure (2) Continuity (3) Perseverance (4) Pause

    *I think Three grammatical Questions were there.
    *Find most APPROPRIATE WORD for the given sentence from the given choices.


    Refer R.S .Agrawal for this though I had not referred any book for maths because I am very comfortable at maths and reasoning and it was very easy for me to clear maths paper. I remember that there were examples of stream, time and work, probability etc?

    Here the paper is based totally on C language and OS. I belong to EC branch. So I am not much into programming. In fact I m zero at programming yet I found some questions easy which were related to Linux and OS. So I could only answer 5 questions correctly but as the cut off for non cs-it students is usualy very low in wipro as 5-6 marks, I cleared the technical paper also. In questions related to C, I had no idea about the answers in technical test. As I was sure that my 5 answers were correct, I planned a strategy and ticked the option (B) in all remaining questions..!!! And Bingo..!!! It worked..!!

    After the test, the results were announced at 1:00pm and yes?!!!!!!!!! My name was announced in it..!!!!!!!! 150 cleared the aptitude test out of 1400.  Then there was ppt from Wipro officials. Package is 2.5 to 2.7 lacs.

    [2] TECHNICAL INTERVIEW: (6:15pm to 6:25 pm)
    I appeared for it at appx 5:00 am. A smart man was there sitting in the cabin. I asked for permission to enter it. Then he told me to have the seat.

    TI(technical interviewer)

    TI: Kaushal, how are u doing..?
    ME: Sir, I am feeling really great to appear before u in the technical interview.

    TI: Good, have a sip of water and tell me about urself.
    ME: (I took a sip of water from a water bottle he offered me and told him about myself, family background and my career interests.)

    TI: Okay so tell me about projects u have made during ur engineering career.
    ME: Sir, I have prepared two big projects during my Engineering, one is a "digital security system" and other is "voice detector" and I explained both in detail.

    TI: Good. So which programming languages do u know..?? ( I was frightened by this question coz i m not a good programmer coz im in EC )
    ME: Sir, I have learned ANSI C as a part of curriculum during 1st year and 3rd sem

    TI: What is Linked list?
    ME: Explained

    TI: What is DMA?
    ME: Explained

    TI:What is pointer?
    ME :Explained

    TI: Hmmm..Well Kaushal u sound very good at ur technical and analytical skills.
    ME: Thank you sir.

    TI: So why do u want to "Kick" EC and go into IT field..?
    ME: Sir, though i m a student of EC, As u know that EC/CE/IT are sister branches and all are interrelated and secondly I think it will be of my best if I utilize my sharp analytical skills in a software industry so I basically do not have any problem to "Switch" from EC to IT. And I believe that "Flexibility" must be there within us to progress in life.

    TI: (Very much Impressed by my answer.) So if I put u at Kochi, Will u join Wipro..?
    ME: Why not sir...Definitely I will join at any location of Wipro in India.

    TI: Why are u so much sacrificing to join Wipro..?
    ME: Sir, I think that to attain Important goals in life, one has to neglect unimportant things like locations and avoid them..So I always look forward to positive aspects

    TI: Okay Best luck Mr. Kaushal Chhaya, Here is ur HR form. Fill it and appear for HR interview.
    ME: Thank You Sir.

    Only 50 out of 150 students cleared Technical Interview.

    [3] HR INTERVIEW: (7:00pm to 7:05pm only..!!)
    ME: May I come in sir..??

    HR: Yes please, have ur seat.
    ME: Thank You Sir.

    HR: So how was the day..??
    ME: Best day in my life, I am feeling really agog to appear before u.

    HR: hmmm...so kaushal tell me...which city do u belong to?
    ME: Sir I belong to Ahmedabad but since last few years I am at Rajkot with family.

    HR: Kaushal, This is my first visit to Rajkot. Tell me how is rajkot and what do u like about it? Also tell me good places to visit at Rajkot.
    ME: Sir, As I have stayed both at Ahmedabad and Rajkot, I can say that the life is very cool and calm at Rajkot. Its not as hactic as Ahmedabad. And the distances are also less in rajkot. I also like the whether of rajkot much. Sir, the good places to be at in rajkot are Chowki Dhani, Ishwariya Post, Mtv and Race course ring road (a good place to be at in weekends.)

    HR: Good so why u want to join wipro?
    ME: Explained.

    HR: Why should I hire u?
    ME: Explained.

    HR: Extra curricular..??
    ME: Yoga, Quiz, Elocution. I told that I have attained an 11 days shibir on yoga at ahmedabad during my schooling.

    HR: Why Yoga?
    ME: It keeps body and mind healthy and is a pathway to self-realization which is the ultimate goal in life.

    HR: Good. So which is ur favourite colour?
    ME: Red.

    HR: Okay, start a debate on "Red" for 2 mins.( I was really frightened on hearing this..!!)
    ME: I started instantly with calm mind saying about the color and what it indicates but could hardly manage for 45 secs only..!!

    HR: Okay no problem I know I had given u odd topic..! ( He smiled and said so I also Smiled. )
    HR: Show me ur resume and tell me the bond of wipro.
    ME: Explained.

    HR: Okay Thank You Kaushal, You can go now.
    ME: Thank You sir..!

    The results were announced at 11:30pm and I was really on the 7th sky at moment at which my name was announced..!!! I became a Wiproite at that moment..!!!! Only 40 got selected finally. 11 from my college.

    So I believe both hard work and God's grace have paid for my success. C u at Wipro..!!!!

    Kaushal Chhaya

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