WIPRO  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Vemana Institute Of Technology-9 Apr 2007

WIPRO  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Vemana Institute Of Technology-9 Apr 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012



    Hi friends,
     I m srilakshmi from information science. Wipro visited our college on 9th of april. 120 appeared .  75 people cleared in aptitude . Out of them around 45 in total were selected after technical round. 39 out of 45 got selected in HR round.


    The First round is as usual aps it started by 10: 20 and lasted for an hour.

    The first round consisted of three sections






    Verbal was screwing we didn?t know to pronounce the words also.

    Aptitude was general aptitude ,very big questions were given non of them were from R S aggrawal, basic questions but still R S aggrawal will help u out like do

    ·     Time and work

    ·     Time and distance

    ·     Combinations

    ·     Trains

    And simple maths


    Data communications


    C pointers



    Questions from C, C++, Unix,data structures, DBMS.

    What is overloading and overriding?(very important question from C++)

    What is operator overloading give me an example?

    What are the features of OOPs explain?

    Write a program to print a number like 1234 in reverse order that is 4321 or write a program to add up each digit in the number that is 1234=10?

    Write a program for fibonacii series? (just algo for all the programs and say logic correctly)

    What is the difference between egrep and fgrep?

    Can we edit a directory in vi editor?

    How do u find for a pattern in a file?( $grep ?vemana? filename)

    What is this pointer?

    What is virtual class or vitual function?

    What is enum?

    What is the use of enum in structures?

    What is the main difference between 8085 and 8086?

    What are the layers of  windows NT operating system?


    I have answered almost  If ur being interviewed more than twenty minutes than it means u have cleared the test.

    Be confident and it depends on the panel u get.


    HR round is mainly your communication skills, body language ,dressing sense

    He is very friendly he asked me how I am doing

    I said I am doing good how about u he said I am fine

    What u aspire to become in future?

    Why u want to join wipro?

    Do u have any questions?


    HR round lasted only for five min that?s it.


    All the best

    Be confident sky is the limit


    I got selected I am now a wiproite  Hope I see u there

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