WIPRO  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   TKMCE, Kollam-8 May 2007

WIPRO  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   TKMCE, Kollam-8 May 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012



    Hai Friends, we had Wipro test in our clge on 8 May. Out of 277 appeared for the test ,149 cleared it. 77 cleared the Tech. intvw, out of which 62 were finally selected. My stream is EEE.


    The entire process consists of 3 sections:

    1. Written test

    2. Tech Intvw

    3. Hr Intvw.


    Written test:





    Some of the verbal qns r:

    1. A passage is given & v have to answer the 5 qns.

    2. Synonymns-1

    3. Antonym-(Pretentious)

    4. Arrange the jumbled words into a meaningful word;


    1 2 3 4 56

    a)321465  b)423651  c)213654

    5. Reported speech

    6. Meaning of broken reed , DUD


    Aptitude Qns:

    1. 260 ,216,128,108,62,54,_ ,27.

    a)39 b)45 c)29 d) 31

    2. (5.375)= _?__ in binary.

    3. Average of 5 nos is given ,also the 4 nos.Find the other no.

    4. Perimeter of rectangle.

    5. Pipe & Cistern qn-1

    6. There r 8 different coloured objects in a box. What s the prob of getting red in the firest attempt and green  in the 2nd  attempt?

    a)1/36 2)15/56 3)1/56

    7.A no b/w 300 & 400  when divided by 7 get  6 as remainder , divided by 4 to get 3 as remainder?..(simple)

    8. A camel must travel 15 miles in order to reach the nearest city. She have 45 bananas with her but can carry only 15 at a time . Also she eat 1 banana /mile .Then the maximum no of bananas that can be transported to the city?

    a) 4  b) 6 c) 8  d) 12

    9. DONALD +



    An answer is there.

    IF D=5, then E=?

    10. A person traveling by plane to a city which s 420km away . 15 minutes after the plane had left the port one of his relative start traveling to the city  by car in order to collect the person. Speed of the car  s 40km/hr and the city s 20 km far. At the instant plane landed, his relative just get in. Then  the speed of plane?
    a)480 b)560 c)545


    Usual C/C++ qns  -to write prog. Preprocessor directives, some electronics qns



    Why TKM?

    Describe urself

    Why EEE?

    And other usual qns.




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