WIPRO  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   St. Peters Engineering College-29 Mar 2007

WIPRO  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   St. Peters Engineering College-29 Mar 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012



    Hello friend,
    Im srivatssan. I am doing my 3rd year EEE. Today we got a campus recruitment in our college. We were asked to assemble around 8:45 AM. From this Im going to share my feelings as well as give you easter eggs on how to approach the Wipro HR.

    There are three rounds in Wipro
    1) Aptitude round in which you have the following three catagories namely
    a) General aptitude which includes aptitude questions based on RS Agarwal(Not fully from RS Agarwal),
    Non verbal reasoning(From Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning - RS Agarwal).

    b) Verbal (Not from GRE Barrons). The most easiest section in the 1st round. All you have to do is to read basic grammer like direct and indirect speech, Active and Passive voice, Fill the correct word from the options. A bit work is to be put on pronuciations like ( malicious, amorphous, etc) that is there will be four options. Three of them will have similar words and fourth will be different. Try choosing the correct one.

    c) Technical Section is the most difficult part for the non IT students. But dont worry, the cut off mark for the non IT students will be less. Make yourself strong in C and C++. but my case they asked one question from Operating system. Make yourself strong in Data structures too.

    Totally you have
    15 verbal
    15 Aptitude
    20 Techincal questions
    The time alloted is 1 hour.

    After this you will be called for the technical HR. Dont worry all the HR's are friendly only. Just give confident reply with basic manners and maintain your gestures. My interview was really very simple

    HR:  Come in
    Me: (Just stood before him a sign of confidence)
    HR :  Sit down. Can I see your resume.?
    Me :  Sure sir. Then he started asking question like" Tell me about yourself. Then asked some questions from my field of interest. Dont worry all the questions were easy only.
    HR : Why you need a job in Wipro?
    Me:   To live is more than to survive sir. I want to survive.
    HR : Very good. [He looked at me for more than a minute].

    During our conversation I read the mind of the HR. I could see that he had a good opinion about me. After that, gaining a very great courage and confidence I asked him, "  Where is my HR form sir?"
    HR : "Very good Srivatssan. Maintain this rapport".
    He gave me the form with a good remark written


    The general HR to me prevailed just less than a minute.
    All basic questions.
    After this the results were announced.

    Out of 408 appeared around 160 cleared the first round, 91 cleared the second round and atlast 61 students were selected out of which 13 students are from EEE.

    Be confident. Develop a very good communication skill. Even if your answer is wrong just say that confidently. The result will be in favour of you only.
    You dont know what the HR will ask you. You dont know what answer you will give. You have only the confidence . Dont loose it,.

    Good luck . Meet you in Wipro.


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