WIPRO  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   SJBIT College, Bangalore-17 Dec 2010

WIPRO  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   SJBIT College, Bangalore-17 Dec 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hi Friends,

    This is Ramdhan Choudhary
    As you know Wipro selection procedure is

    1. Written Test (English, Aptitude and Technical)
    2. Essay Writing (on Current topic)
    3. Tehcnical Interview
    4. HR Interview
    5. Offer latter
    I would like to suggest you guys please be prepare with English (Active/Passive, Direct/Indirect, one word, Word Rearrange, Select Inappropriate word, Models based questions)
    Aptitude (Train, Average, Loss-Profit, Trigonometry, etc)
    Technical (C, OOPS, DE, Data Structure, DBMS, Unix, OS)
    So today I have faced Wipro Technology written test paper (20 questions english, 20 questions aptitude and 10 questions technical)
    While I havent' exactaly remember all questions but let me try.

    English (1-20 question)

    * 2 Questions on Active/Passive voice
    * 2 Questions on Direct-Indiredt Speech
    * 1 Questions on one word
    * 2 Question like select Inappropriate word
    * 1 Question like rearrange the words and make meaningful word from FSURILOH
    Aptitude (21-40 questions)

    21. Toatal 100 Km distance traveled by a bus and scooter and speed of bus is 40km/hr and scooter 30km/hr and the avg speed is 32km/hr then find the distance travelled by bus?
    Ans : 25 km
    22. A man sell his product on 20% discount on print rate and he purchase a product of 80 Rs then he want 20% profit then find the print rate of this product
    Ans: 120 Rs
    23. If radious of circle is increased by 8% then then area increased by %?
    24. A train length is 100 mtr cross a man in 8 seconds (Same direction), man speed is 5km/hr and after 15 minutes train reached at station then find the time in wich the person reach at station?
    25. Question on Gates like x and y is the inputs of NAND gate and the output of NAND gate and one additional input z is input for OR gate then what will be output?
    Ans: X'+Y'+Z
    26. One question like convert 1100100 binary to decimal value
    Ans: 100
    27 One question like reverse the half alphabate and the 7 latter from the 10 latter from right side
    Ans: D
    Technical (41-50 questions)

    41. What is the correct statement to print A-Z alphabet
    (a) for(a='A';a<'Z';a=a+1)
    (b) for(a=a;a
    42. One question on Unix write the chmode command to give the full permission to owner and read & write for group and write only for others
    Ans: 761
    43. A unix command  cd../DIR. prog then write the comman for Progaabaa and Progabaaa
    (a) rm dir []ab* (b) rm dir[] abbaa... something like this
    44. One quesion on array like char str[3][4]={"agh","sft","kjh"};
    char *str[4] ="wer"
    Answers like 
    (a) 162 162 (b) 162 163 (c) 162 165 (d) 162 166
    45 one quesion on Hard Disk technology
    50 last question on infix to Postfix like A*B/C^(C^D+E)-G
    Well guys I have tried my best to share my experience but if any mistake then forgive me, please confirm.
    All The best!

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