WIPRO  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Osmania University, Hyderabad-3 Aug 2006

WIPRO  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Osmania University, Hyderabad-3 Aug 2006

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hello frnds?iam manoj from Osmania University . I was placed in WIPRO on August 3rd 2006?

    The day started with a pre-placement talk..it was about 45 minutes?he said a lot bout WIPRO?I was satisfied with the presentation..because?there were many opportunities after joining WIPRO?.like they have tie up with BITS, IIM?s etc..so they give us an opportunity to do M.Tech..like this many?.

    After this, immediately there was the written exam?which consisted of 3 sections:

    1. verbal
    2. analytical
    3. technical

    there was sectional cut-off but no negative marking?


    Verbal was bit easy?it consisted of 15 questions

    2 questions on meanings

    2 questions on analogy

    2 questions on correction of sentence

    2 questions on opposites

    4 questions on comprehensive passage

    2 questions on fill up the blanks with multiple choices

    1 odd man out

    Over all?to say clearly..this verbal section will be easy for GRE writers?coz?my other frnds said that..all question were from Barron?s


    The pattern was entirely changed?only one question was repeated from the old papers n is

    a)train:athiete b)guard:dignitary c)deify:sinner d)lionize:celebrity            answer is D


    Comprehensive passage was little bit easy?remaining Barron?s will help u?


    Next was analytical..see frnds..this time..both previous papers and R.S.Agarwal dint helped me?questions were totally talent based..3 questions were too long..even I dint read them..juz guessed?there were 15 questions?

    2 questions were on divisibility?say?

    A number when divides with 9, 8, 5, 3 leaves remainder 5,3,6,0..wat is da number?u can do this simply by verifying the options?another was also the same type?

    One was on Permutation and combinations?my view is that..to be good in all mathematics basics n general thinking?so dat it would become easy?


    Next was the most tuff one of the exam..analytical?god?Iam from biomedical engineering stream..n all question are from java..oracle..unix..only one question was from C n other one from C++ ..

    20 questions were asked..gud news is that?wipro management said that?there will be lower cut-of for non-it branches?but this was accepted by them prior to the exam..we informed about this to wipro..on aug 1st?


    Over all all 3 sections will be given in one paper?n one omr sheet?time 1 hour for 15+15+20 questions?sectional cut of?no negative marking?so guess a lot?I guessed 17 questions of technical?refer barrons..have gud mathematics basics?have a great knowledge in C n C++..it helps u again in interview?

    I was 50-50 about my result..coz my verbal..was a big doubt for me..

    Exam was completed by 12:15?results were announced at 1:00?out of 352 members 150 were selected?mine was 3rd batch?interview at 3:30?

    I then had a mock interview with my friends?.at college..i think it helped me a lot..coz..this was the first interview ?

    Then..i came  to assembly hall by 3:00 with a formal plain shirt n trouser (frnds don?t wear checks type of shirts)?wid shoes?

    Our 3:30 batch was called at 4:00?I was the first from our batch?to have interview?

    I went in with a big smile?greeted him?he had given a shake hand?and told me to sit?I said thanx?he asked..?tell me bout urself??this went for 5 minutes?then he said that ?iam new to biomedical..tell me about it??I said bout biomedical engineering for 10 minutes?den he said to list the subjects which we had form 1st year?I listed all of them.. he then asked me bout my paper presentation?he was totally impressed?n den..he asked to tell bout each subject for 1 minute?I said it?n den?asked to write a program on swapping..i said I will use strings..he said no n asked to swap a=3 and b=5?.bfore I took pen..he said me 2 explain the procedure?.i did it perfectly?.den asked bout Inheritance?loops used in C?increment and decrement?bout and & or gates..wid truth table?

    He asked why s/w?I said?doing biomedical was passion?but I want 2 work in s/w field desperately?.i think he was impressed a lot?wit dis sentence..he den said any questions?I asked one..n had given me an application for HR round?I was on cloud nine?coz?I was confident dat I will be placed in wipro?

    Then?Hr was juzz for formal?it was for 3 minutes..he asked??tell me about urself??n ?tell bout ur paper??dats all

    I was confident that..i will be placed in WIPRO?

    90 were selected for HR?

    Interviews were upto 10:00 pm?.results was announced at 10:40?ohh god?.i was one among 66?.


    Friends..i say clearly?juzz be confident?if u r saying false?be confident?


    I was benefited a lot form an international course called Youth Empowerment Seminar (YES+)?this deals with all the phobias regarding youth?like fear in attending interviews?G.D?s etc?dis course helped me a lot?I was not having any tension?I was juzzz confident..i request u all to dis course?coz u also will be benefited


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