WIPRO  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   NIT Jamshedpur-10 Jul 2007

WIPRO  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   NIT Jamshedpur-10 Jul 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hello friends
    I am Manash Kumar Mitra from NIT Jamshedpur.Wipro Technologies recently visited our college on 10th July 2007. Around 200 students sat for the written exam and finally 33 students made it to the elite company.I am presenting you all with some valuable tips and ideas which I hope will prove to be handy.

    The test was of 1 hour duration comprising three sections :verbal,aptitude and technical. Weightage in terms of questions were 15,15 and 20 .There was individual cutoffs for each section ; therefore it is imperative that the appearing candidates should pay attention to each and every section to attend to it within the stipulated time. Also there is no -ve marking so please attend all the questions.Also carry identification proof to te exam hall( College id card, computer centre card , library card) etc as the representatives watchout for it.

    attend to it within the stipulated time. Also there is no -ve marking so please attend all the questions.Also carry identification proof to te exam hall( College id card, computer centre card , library card) etc as the representatives watchout for it.

    Frankly speaking verbal section for me was virtually a cakewalk for me.Any student who is in the regular habit of reading will find this section easy.As far as I can recall there was a question on idiom(green horn), synonym of (doleful) , there were two questions on rearrangement of words , meaning of divvy, state of conflict( four options ans paradoxical), one question on analogy from Barrons GRE(precipituous:?)

    Again there were questions relating to arrangements . For example if A =1 , B =2 etc what is the value of ???(sorry forgot the exact question),one question on mixtures( ratio of milk and water is given initially , how much water is added so a new ratio is obtined),question on ages and relations,one question on fractions(five sons and five daughter and one manager.A father distributes his wealth(coins) among them giving 1/5th to first son then 1 coin to the manager, then 1/5th of the remaining to the 2nd son then 1 coin to the manager and so on.All the coins are distributed.What is the minimum number of coins.) There was one lengthy questions followed by two parts to it(bit tough).My advice is to solve the other way round i.e eliminate options and solve by substituting the answers.Also there was a question on deduction i.e a short passage was given and what was its significance questions was framed on that part.

    Generally technical is considered to be the toughest of the lot. There were general questions on Operating systems (like which of the following doesnot involve external fragmentation a)swapping b)segmentation c) On demand paging ).3 questions on C( if a[] ={ 0,1,2,3,4,5} the a*[2] = ? a)0 b)5 c) 2 d) Compilation error) and  3 on C++( one based on encapsulation), what is the most convinient form of transferring music on the net without loss of quality? One question from java. There was a question where four names were given and we had to choose which was not a game among them.One question regarding booting.Cut off for various disciplines in college varies in this section.

    After clearing written successful candidated were forwarded to the technical panel.It was one on one affiair(there was around 5 panels in total). Make sure that you look conident and answer the questions with conviction. I was feeling a bit jittery as I didnot have  lunch that day and also because of some nerves.Make sure that you have lunch and drink plenty of water as people tend to sweat a lot.One question on swapping the data between two registers was asked(Assembly language programming 8085 microprocessor).As I mentioned I had knowlwdge regarding C language I was asked to write an algorithm to swap two numbers wihout using temporary variables.What is virtual function,what is scope of a variable? What factor has to be kept in mind wrt floating point number while designing a chip? Define array,pointer. How will u pass an pointer  to a function.Some basic questions on my branch (Electrical machines and power systems). Also I as grilled on my summer training .Be preapared for giving summary of the project.Also make a clear demarcation that whether it is a project or a Vocational training as project usually value driven and  involves giving suggestions.I was asked to draw  a flowchart of of my summer training on a weekly basis.Also gave some valuable suggestions.In case there is a group project they asked about a particular group members contribution to the project.It lasted for around 45 minutes. After that he handed me the HR form which generally is indicative of the fact the I had qualified and proceeded to the next round.

    Based on the general feedback in the HR form which was supplied I was asked questions.Pretty easy in case you are confident and fluent in english.Maintain a confident and a smiling posture.Some questions were like ( Tell me something about yourself and Wipro? Why Wipro?(Give good reasons) some wipro product names?Strong and weak points.What steps are you taking to nullify the weaker points. Questions related to bonds and geogaphical positionong in the country(Please attend PPT it will help u a lot).What is ur take on WIPRO etc etc. It lasted for around 3 minutes.

    Finally when the results came out at 8 pm my name was announced along with other successful candidates by the HR lady.I was ecstatic and the euphoria lasted for a long time

    1)Candidates appeared for written - 200(approx)
    2)Cleared written -78
    3)Technical round cleared -55
    4)Final selection after HR -33

    Best of luck. Keep Smiling!!!

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