WIPRO  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Narayana Junior College, Vijayawada-7 Jul 2007

WIPRO  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Narayana Junior College, Vijayawada-7 Jul 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012



    Hi this is  A.Venkateswarlu. I appear for the reassessment exam of WIPRO. I want to share my experience with u all.

    Totally 800 candedates are appear for the exam from MIC college, GEC college, SRKR college, RVR & JC college , SSIT college, SVH college.


    After written test almost 400 students are selected for other interviews. Some students have first HR interview  test and other have technical interview. For MIC college first HR interview and then Technical interview.  At the time of last interview what ever it may be the wish the selected students as u are selected  I will see u at WIPRO.


    The total procedure is as follows.

    1.Written test

    2.Technical Interview

    3.HR interview.


    1.written test.

    It consist of three parts.

    1.English port (15 questions)

    2.Arethamic and reasoning part (15 questions)

    3.Technical part (20 questions)


    I  will give u the almost total question paper

    1.English part:

    1.find the miss spelt word among the 4 choices.

    2.passege is given which is very easy and it consist the 5 questions.

    3.active voice to passive voice conversion like ? I was reading the  book for 2 hours
    ans: the book was being read by me for 2 hours

    4.give a sentence and find the improper meaning from the choices (2 questions)

    5.One question fro Matching

    6.OICPT word is given and some series is given and ask for the correct sequence
    ans:51423  TOPIC

    7.The  sequences of  statements are  given which are said by the author and ask find the idea of the author.

    Before u working as a novalist u must not be a writer like this

    Almost I cover 12 questions from 15) in this part


    2.Arethamatic & reasoning

    1.series like 5,20,____ ,6.2,8,12 and the options are 10,14,24,12

    2.there are some players in a volley ball team. after end of the game the each girl drinks 4 liters of water and each boy drinks 7 liters  of water and the coach drinks 9 liters of water. After end of the game 42liters of water is drank by the all. The find the no of boys and girls in the volley ball team.

    Ans : Among the options 2 boys + 5 girls is correct.. note that we must be include the Coach also.

    3.a problem of trains

    120m long train crosses the pole after 2 ½ sec. Find how much time it takes to cross the 140m long plotform.

    4.Two problems on probability

    2blue ,3 red, 4 green balls are there we have to arienge ge them like no 2 red are come together and no 2 blue balls are come together like this.

    5.8 persons are there devide in to two parts 4 to each are placed in two different rooms, and some conditions are given and ask to find the sequences of them. Like this.


    6. Six persons are given find the person who done the crime. Among 4 persons 1 person said the false answer and the statements of the all persons given and ask for the person who did the crime.

    7. 300m paper is given and ask for to rolled it and at last ask for caliculation of that problem. Like this.

    8.a problem on seating arrangements and find the left end person.

    9.a question on the Blood Relations the problem  is

    showing a photograph Asha said ?he is the brother of only daughter of my mother? and asked how is she related to him.

    10.total amount of some cats and the cheans is 360 in a shop.but at night the shop keeper forget to close the door. the next  day he found the 2 cats and ½ kg cheane is lost and the present cost is 340 and asked to fine the no of cats and the total cheane.

    11.a problem is given like 160 of 168 is used and give some conditions and ask some question.


    3.Technical part

    1.who invited the Mouse :  Dugles angle bart.

    2.The use of swapping over paging : it improves the Multi programming





    output:     o





    output:    3

    5.The command which gives the  device of our system :    WHO

    6.The command which gives the all list of  files without graphic symbols the choices are as follows




    7.a question on system calls




    8.int a[3][5]={ {1,2,3,4,5],{2,3,4,5,6},{10,11,12,13,14}};

    int *p=&a;


    9.int a=0xdeabc;

    char x=a;


    find the output of this endiane machine.

    a)de    b)ab    c)0      d)cannot be predictable

    10.A question on Computer Networks giving 3 lines o theorey on CSMA/CD   CSMA/CA.

    11.sizeof() is an operator .




    the function declaration of  f1(int,int) is given in some other  program find how the function declaration is

    extern int f1(int,int)

    13.What is use of the Wait for Graph








    always if prints the value of a is 1

    15.a bit on convewrtion of binary number to Octal .10111000  first convert it into the decimal  and convert  it into the Octal by deviding  8.

    16. A bit on OS

    a theorey question


    this is the written test  Please more consantrate on  Technical I think they give mager priority on Technical that?s why they give the technical column in written test and also in the Technical interview. So please take more consontrate on technical.


    For MIC college students first  HR  interview and  then Technical interview

    HR Interview :

    The round  was started  at 2:10 pm but I  waited for  6 ½ hour  after 9 O?clock they ask me to attend for Hr Interview.

    HR: tell me your favourate topic (subjects)

    I : I replaid as c++ (OOPS)

    HR: So tell me about OOPS

    I : I replaid the main features of Encapsulation ,Inheritence, Polymaophisms  and Genricity and I Stopped.

    HR; u have to say at least  5 Minits

    I: Then I show my real face in OOPS non stoply. About detail explanation on function overloading ,object, class ,and also templates in detail at lest 6 minit and I stopped.

    HR;U must be identify the situation of the other person he is ready to understand the data or not so u have to give some time in between the communication with others that wha u have to imrove.

    I:  I replaid ok sir

    HR; He asked me to tell about Team work.

    I: I explained it with my own idea.

    HR: He asked me is there any nead of team work.

    I: must and should sir otherwise there may be a problem while doing the projects.

    HR: He replaid ok. And

    Are u class first in Degree

    I:  Yes sir and also in MCA.

    HR: Are u played which games in your school .( I mentioned the details in resume that?s why he asked me that question)

    I: I relaid I participated School level ,mandal level and also District level Games & Sports meet sir. And I was played CHO-CHO ,SOFT BALL and  FOOT BALL  and I was got first rank in Running in  Spors.

    HR; ok

    I will give u a form u fill it an d then appear for Technical interview. Then I replaid Thanks sir.

    And  I asked I want to drink some water sir ok take it my boy and take some food in the canteen and ready for Technical Interview. When I am drinkin water he said continue ur Sports ok . I replaied thenk u sir.


    Technical Interview :

    I gave him  the form whichis given by the HR inter viewer and my resume he identified my name and asked the spelling of my Surname which I didn?t write clearly and he replaid u must be write clearly ok. Ok u are MCA student. What is  the group in your Degree I replaid BSC Computer Science. When I am giving the details he write some thing which is like a secrete.

    It is an easy round to me

    He asks

    1.tell me about Your self

    2.tell me about Storage media

    3.tell me about Software development life cycle

    I ask him sir I want to drink some eater then he gave me some water with a smile face. And then I replaid the main Phases in SDLC


    Ok Venkateswarlu I selected u. I will see u again in WIPRO I feel so happy and give him shake hand and happyly came out from the room.


    Totally u must be confident when u are giving the details and answer the questions. Ok I will see u at wipro. ALL THE BEST AND BEST OF LUCK.



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