WIPRO  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Muffakham Jah College Of Engg & Tech, Hyderabad-16 Aug 2007

WIPRO  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Muffakham Jah College Of Engg & Tech, Hyderabad-16 Aug 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi, I am Mohammed Asrar Ahmed, MCA Final year student of Muffakham Jah College of Engineering and Technology, Hyderabad . WIPRO recently visited our campus for RECRUITMENT on 16-aug-2007 , Thursday.

    I am very much glad to inform you all that I have been recruited by WIPRO after being rejected by INFOSYS in the final round. After the rejection from INFOSYS I was really very much dejected. But my PARENTS, my brothers and last but not the least my FACULTIES have helped me a lot to come out of that shock, and to keep faith in myself. And the FRESHERS SITE has also helped me a lot to make it into WIPRO. I thank my EVER MERCYFUL ALLAH for giving me strength to overcome from that dejection and work hard for WIPRO. Finally I would like to advise you all that if you are not selected in one then do not suppose that ALLAH closed the door for you but believe that HE would open HUNDRED DOORS for your SUCCESS.

    Test Statistics:
    Total Appeared: 400 + (approximately)
    After written test short listed candidates: 155
    After Technical Interview short listed candidates: 70
    FINALLY SLECTED IN WIPRO: 63             

    Written Test (60 Minutes)

    1. Analytical (15 Questions)
    2. English (15 Questions)
    3. Technical  (20 Questions)

    Technical Interview
    HR Interview

    Written Test:

    1) Time and distance (1 Question)           
    2) Time and Work (1 question)
    3) Some series type question i.e. 1   12   1211  11211 1122311231 so on find last number ( something like that)
    4) two numbers are in the ratio 5:7 and their product is 5680 find the difference between two numbers.
    5) In a family there are six members, P, Q, R, S, T, U. they are doctor, teacher, lawyer, engineer, nurse, and mechanic. Some relations were given and we have to find out occupation of P.
    6) One question on the volume of the cube after increasing its height( somewhat like that)
    7) One passage of around 5-6 lines and question is to infer the theme of the passage.
    8) one person sends ¼ of his income on transportation and ¾ of remaining on food etc and he is left with 12000. Find his expenditure on transportation.
    9) Question on Simple and Compound interest?s difference and find actual amount.

    Sorry I cant remember all the question and they were simple enough. You can crack them with a good hold on basics of quantitative ability.

    English Section: (15 Questions)
    The easiest section of all the three sections. You can finish this section with in 5 minutes.
    1. Rearrange the statements.
    2. Rearrange the statements
    3. Rearrange the statements
    4, 5, 6) In a statement one word was highlighted and you are supposed to replace that word by choosing a word from options opposite in that context of the statement.
    8) Conversion from ACTIVE to PASSIVE
    9, 10, 11) Choose the word which is spelt wrongly. (quiet easy)
    12, 13) Fill in the blanks with appropriate words from choices.
    14, 15) Some simple questions, sorry I cannot remember.

    Technical Section: (20 Questions)
    1) Convert 1234.56 into binary
    2) main()
         int a=20,b=10,c=7,x;
    3) About CSMA/CD.
    4)  One question about networks
    5, 6, 7) Three questions on UNIX shell commands
    8, 9, 10) two C programs with functions and their calls and find the result
    11) Who invented Input device MOUSE.
    12)  Some other questions related to Computer science only, and no questions were from non Computer background.

    1) The Test will have SECTIONAL CUT OFF
    2) The CUT OFF for NON CSE students for TECHNICAL section would be around 5-6. It depends on the number of questions on C, C++, and etc.
    Test started at 10:25 am and was over by 11:25 . Results were declared around 11:50 am . And my name was also announced. In those 400 + students 25 students were from MCA. Total 155 cleared that round. And 11 out of 25 cleared the test from MCA.

    Technical Interview:
    My turn came around 6:00 pm. He was a gentleman, very simple and friendly person.
    Me: may I come in sir
    He: Yes
    Me: Good evening
    He: Replied
    Me: May I have a seat
    He: Yes please.
    He: Give me your resume
    Me: Gave. He didn?t ask me to introduce myself (surprisingly).
    He: Scanned the resume for more than 3 minutes.
    He: Tell me about this WIPRO?s WORKSHOP that you have mentioned here and why were you selected for that ? Justify your selection for that
    Me: Our Coordinator for MCA selected me on the basis of excellent performance in Operating systems LAB.
    He: What is this INFOSYS FOUNDATION program and why have you not been recruited by INFOSYS.
    Me: Explained about FOUNDATION program. And said that I could not solve one of the puzzle being asked by interviewer of INFOSYS.
    He: Write a C program such that after execution it will delete itself. And you cannot find the file in the directory listings.
    Me: Tried for a while and said that this could be done by using KILL command in unix. But this was wrong. I said I cannot do this.
    He: List the Concepts of OOP.
    Me: Listed
    He: How many types of inheritance exist?
    Me: Listed, and explained with the help of diagrams.
    He: Differences between C and C++.
    Me: Virtual functions and OOP?s Support found in C++ but not in C.
    He: Demonstrate IF ELSE and NESTED IF ELSE with help of an example.
    Me: Demonstrated
    He: Demonstrate SWITCH statement.
    Me: Done
    He: Differentiate between CALL BY VALUE and CALL BY REFERENCE
    Me: explained
    He: Do you know COBOL?
    Me: yes. He asked me because I mentioned it in the TECHNICAL EXPERTISE. But was not prepare for it at all.
    He: Write a simple program to add two numbers in COBOL. And said ?Take your own time and write it?.
    Me: First recalled the DIVISIONs of COBOL program. And then wrote an exactly correct program and then explained him about the program
    syntaxes, rules followed in writing a COBOL program, the LEVEL numbers, sections and sub sections in each of the four DIVISIONS.
    While I was explaining he was very much suprised and impressed with my explanation.
    He: when did you study this (COBOL)subject?
    Me: in First year second semester.
    He: Now you are in third year first semester.
    Me: yes
    He: Its really extremely surprising that you remember the subject so well that you learnt so long back.

    Then came the moment for which I was fighting. though they donot tell you openly that you are selected in the company just in the second phase itself, but he told me after I wrote the COBOL program that,

    He: Then asked me some questions about my seminar on NETWORK SECURITY- AUTHENTICATION PROTOCOLS.
    Finally I was given an HR FORM. And greeted me and I came out. Filled the form and Appeared for HR Interview.

    NOTE: If you are given a form after TECHNICAL INTERVIEW, it means your selection in the company is 95% certain.

    After filling the form  I appeared for the HR interview. He was a gentleman who delivered the Pre Placement Talk.
    He: Introduce Yourself
    Me: done
    He: Tell me about your FAMILY members.
    Me: told
    He: do you discuss with your family members about WIPRO.
    Me: Answered
    He: Prove yourself as Innovative.
    Me: gave two to three examples and he was impressed
    He: Why should I hire you
    Me: Because Wipro respects INNOVATION a lot and it was honored many a times by BUSINESS WEEK and NASSCOM for its innovation
    and I feel that I am Innovative. And gave some other reasons that I mentioned in my HR form.
    He: why wipro?
    Me: Explained comprehensively.
    He: Your EXPECTATIONs from WIPRO.
    Me: SATISFACTION in the work I do at WIPRO.
    He: DON?T YOU WANT SALARY? !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Me:No.You will be giving me salary around 3 lakhs per annum, as told by you in PPT
    He: Laughed and greeted me and asked to wait for result.

    Results came around 9:15 in the night on the same day. And a total of 63 from 70 made it into WIPRO. Among those 63, FOUR students are from MCA I hope this experience of mine would help you a lot and may facilitate you in your campus placements. And I PRAY TO THE GOD FOR THE SELECTION OF YOU ALL DESERVING STUDENTS.


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