WIPRO  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   MCKVIE,Liuah,Howrah-25 Feb 2007

WIPRO  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   MCKVIE,Liuah,Howrah-25 Feb 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012



    Hi friends,

    I am Sohini.I would like to share my experience of campus selection procedure of WIPRO.

    The total procedure consists of 4 parts. Given as-

    1.    PPT

    2.    Written Test

    3.    Technical Interview

    4.    HR Interview


      This part was little bit boring. But in order to give the HR it seemed very helpful to me. Kindly follow what features they are providing to you because they will ask questions from it.



     It consist of portions which I hope u all know. The 1st part (English) was easy. Just a passage some vocabulary and a little bit of grammer. Here in this site I have found people telling about some hard books like GRE Barrons.But if u don?t have this books don?t worry u can easily crack it with few basic knowledge. The aptitude portion was very easy. In this portion I got a lot many qs common, as I have solved papers from this site. The Technical portion was really tough for those who don?t belong to cse/IT dept. But try to do the portion which u know very confidently. That?s it u can crack.


    Technical Interview---

    The interview was pretty good; it consists of questions from core electronics (as I am from ece), and at the same time from C&Data Structure, especially pointers & linked list. Then there were qs from my HR project also,Then some qs regarding my family & extra curricular activities & achievements.


    HR Interview----

    It is given as: -

    Me?Good Evening Mam.

    Mam?Yes Good evening, but it?s a long-term process.

    Me?Yes mam I know. Thank u for taking our interview.

    Mam?So, one of ur hobbies is traveling, Name some places where u have been.

    Me?Very recently we went to Gangtok, I have been to Simla, Darjeeling, Gujrat, Puri it?s a very common place.

    Mam?So which is the way u have chosen for those trips.

    Me?Actually mam my father is in SERailway so we generally board train as we have the pass i.e. free tickets(Started laughing).

    Mam?(also started laughing) Why ece? As there were seats available only in this stream?

    Me?No mam,In our HS physics we have just the introduction of electronics, I feel the subject to be very interesting & want to know  more that?s why I have chosen ECE.When I took entry in this college there were seats available in all streams.

    Mam?Ok, U have written (looking at my HR form) ur weakness is that ur personal life get hampered bcz of ur professional life,how?explain.

    Me?Actually mam I get so much involved in projects that my relatives sometime calls me unsocial, sometimes my mom scolds me only for this reason.

    Mam?Ok,but why WIPRO?

    ME?(First told some data regarding WIPRO which I have collected from net then added) My objective in life is to acquire knowledge & I have heard that WIPRO is providing the best training That?s why I would like to join WIPRO.

    Mam?Tell me in a single word why I should take u? Remember only a single word.


    Mam?Prove it.

    Me?The whole class has chosen me the CR.

    Mam?CR?You mean class representative.

    Me?Yes mam.

    Mam?Ok,good,thank U,

    Me?Thank u(then left the room)


    Believe me friends it?s very easy to crack just have to have ur confidence.I finally got selected at around 8:20 pm.

    Best of luck to all who wants to join WIPRO.

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