WIPRO  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   MCKV Inst. Of Eng., Liluah Howrah, W.B-25 Feb 2007

WIPRO  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   MCKV Inst. Of Eng., Liluah Howrah, W.B-25 Feb 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi, friends!

    This is Rahul Chakraborty from MCKV Institute of Engineering. Liluah, Howrah . W.B
    I got selected in WIPRO Technologies on 25th February 2007 in an exclusive campus recruitment process.

    The selection process included the following:-

    1) Aptitude Test
    2) Technical Interview
    3) HR Interview.

    The Aptitude portion was easy. It included?

    i) Reading Comprehension. (Very easy one, class 10 standards)

    ii) Vocabulary Test. (Baron?s)

    iii) Verbal and Nonverbal ability. (Consult Baron)

    iv) Few puzzles

    v) Sentence completion. (Very easy)

    vi) Quantitative Problems, Which includes:    
    a) Problems on age. (Easy one)

    b) Problems on mixtures. (Agarwal)

    c) Problems on Time & Work. (Agarwal)

    d) Problems on series. (Agarwal)

    e) Problems on Profit & Loss. (Easy one)

    f) Problems on Direction.

    vii) Technical Questions: a) C++ (Really Tough)

    b) C (Not Easy)

    c) Java

    d) Operating System. (Easy)

    e) Networking

    The Technical Interview

    They asked very basic questions from the subjects that our course includes. It was a long process, in my case it was 35 minutes, but they were very friendly and made me feel comfortable. I was the last person from my Panel (it was one of the elimination panels). The 1st question what I was asked is ?Are you feeling nervous?? I said ?Not at all, Sir.? He laughed at me went on to ask the next questions?.

    It included:

    a) Software Engineering. (I was asked ?WATERFALL MODEL?)

    b) Data Structures. (Searching, Sorting, Problems on Tree, Link list etc. But the questions were very much basic)

    c) Java (I gave it as my strong subject) I was asked maximum questions from this part. It included questions like ?Polymorphism?, ?Inheritance?, ?Encapsulation?, ?Abstraction?,   ?Method Override and Overload?, ?Dynamic Memory Dispatch?, ?Applet?few questions?, ?Object Creation?, ?Access Specifiers?, ?Why Java does not have POINTER concept??,  ?Use of Java in real life?, ?A simple program on inheritance.? and many more.  I answered all the questions from JAVA. He was really impressed with that.

    d) Operating System. (My second strong subject) I was asked very basic questions from OS, like: ?Segmentation?, ?Paging?, ?Physical Memory?, ?Process Scheduling?, ?Thread?, ?PCB?, ?Virtual Memory?, ?Thrashing? and few UNIX commands (I didn?t answer all)

    e) Networking (2/3 basic questions about TCP/IP and protocols)

    My Technical Interview included a few general questions (not only had I, many of us experienced the same?) like: -  a) Your father?s occupation
    b) Your Role Model and why.

    c) Your interests. (Actually, I was asked ?Rahul, tell me something you like, which is not written in your CV.?

    The HR Interview

    I enjoyed my HR Interview very much. It was not a long process. I went inside the room at about 8.30 in the evening and mam started chatting with me?

    She asked me       
    a) My hobby.

    b) My Negative Points. ( I said my communication skill, a bit..)

    c) Why should I hire you?

    ( It was a funny incident. After mam asked me the above question, I gave 2 or 3 reasons -which I had prepared before- and after that I did something unusual? I asked, ?Mam, Can I ask you a question?? She gave permission, and I asked ?Why shouldn?t you hire me?? She was surprised with that and was completely unprepared for that kind of a question. She laughed at me and said ?Smart boy??.)

    d) Your commitment towards your school.

    e) Family background.

    f) Your Objective.

    g) Where should you want to see yourself 5 years from now?

    h) Your Achievements.

    i) Do you have any problem if you are posted out side of West Bengal ?
    AND many more?.

    But the environment was very comfortable. She was very happy with my answers and said ?You know Rahul! I am not from Kolkata? but I want to visit Kolkata ?? As soon as she said that I said ?You are most welcome to my house mam, I?ll take you with me and visit Kolkata together?? She was very happy and laughed and said,
    ?Rahul, wait outside?Thank You very much... and let?s hope for the best...?

    Finally 44 were selected (76 went to HR from 137 who cleared the Aptitude test.) and my name was amongst that.
    I hope that my experience will certainly help you in finding job?.


    Rahul Chakraborty.

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