WIPRO  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Jaypee Institute Of Information Technology, NOIDA-1 Feb 2007

WIPRO  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Jaypee Institute Of Information Technology, NOIDA-1 Feb 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012




    Hi friends,

    Freshers world has changed my life. It helped me in getting placed in the 3rd year itself. So, this is my small help to this very ?student-cum-placement-oriented? website.
    The campus recruitment drive for the year 2008 of wipro started off with our campus in style?

    They are very value driven and the placement procedure is continous without any gap. In our case (I am in 6th semester presently), It started at 9.00 a.m on 1st Feb, 2007 and carried out till 3.00 a.m (18 hours continously) in the morning. Even, they announced the result, within 30 minutes of the last HR interview, at 4.30 in the morning. All this, without any gap.

    The Written test was of 1 hour.

    1. Verbal ? 15 ques.

    2. Analytical ? 15 ques.

    3. Technical ? 20 ques. ALL MCQ type questions.

    There is sectional cut-off. So be careful.

    Verbal was easy. A passage (5 ques), an analogy, The meaning of the phrase ?An ace to Grind?, 2 jumbled sentences, 1 sentence correction, No antonym and synonym etc. No preparation is required. Just reading any newspaper per day is more than enough.


    Analytical was also easy. I solved 13 correctly. But please leave atleast 1 question blank (Upper cut-off case). Questions like:

    1) The NET income of a person diminishes by 1 percent, if the income tax rate increases BY 24 percent. Determine the tax rate. (I cudn?t solve it.)


    2) A child leaves his home for school. He walks 10 km to the north, then turns left and walk 20 km, again he turns left and walks 10 km further. What is the distance of school from home and in which direction?

    (Ans. 20 km in the west)


    3) If ?AOM? = 29, what is ?DISK? equal to? (Ans. 43)


    4) 2 small mathematical paragraphs for checking Ur concentration and analysing power.

        Example: The state secretary for education of a state says that the SHARE of the expenditure on education in the total state budget has decreased in the past 3 years. While the opposition says that The expenditure has increased by 3 million dollars in the past 3 years. What could be the possible correct statement for this contradiction? (Ans. The total state budget has increased, hence though the expenditure increases, the SHARE of education decreases. )


    5) If blue means red, red means yellow, yellow means orange and orange means green, then what is the color of Sunflower?


    6) I tried to find out where my friend goes at night. I followed him at the speed of 28 km/hr and return back home very tired at 40 km/hr. My 28 hours got wasted in this process. How much distance I travelled??


    7) There is a 4-digit number. The first digit is a quarter of the last. The second digit is six times as the first. The third is 3 greater than the second. What is the number? (Ans. 1694)


    8) If MEN = 13-5-14 and TEN = 20-5-14, What is WOMEN = ??


    9) A man comes to know that his dead relative has left a will for him in the bank. The lawyer gave him the key of the locker but unfortunately; the key has no number on it. The lawyer in a code language tells him, ? If u insert the key in 20, 40, 88, 19, 23, 92, 76, and one more locker, u will know the actual locker number.?

    Tell the one more locker. (Ans given in options were 17, 106, 11 and 15. for me this was a bouncer).


    The technical section was relatively easy. It had a G.K question also.

     Example: IBM makes Which of the following microprocessors?

    a) P-4     b) Athlon      c) G-5    d) all of the above  (Ans. c)


    Other questions were of C programming, Very easy.


    Result was announced at 2:00 p.m.Out of 650 students of JIIT, 442 were shortlisted for TECHNICAL interview. It started immediately at 2:30 p.m. I was called for the interview at 10.30 P.m.It was late.

    I entered with smile and I said:

    Me-good evening sir,

    HR- it?s good night man.

    Me- ok sir good night. (Hahahaha)

    HR- Have a seat.

    Me- sir, I must appreciate the efforts of ur team for our placements. U have been working continously for the past 12 hours.

    HR- yes, Taking interview is tough, its tougher than working on computer.

    Me- but sir, u should agree to 1 point. U get  a lot of knowledge by interacting with students. It improves ur knowledge.

    HR- that?s true.


    He asked C programming.(I am a biotech student, so not very comfortable with it.But managed to get thru.)They just see your ability to handle stress. BUT KEEP SMILING DURING INTERVIEW. IT REALLY HELPS EVEN IF you DON?T KNOW THE ANSWER.

    Just say directly smiling, sir I m sorry, I don?t know. He didn?t ask much programming. Just grilled me on my C.V. He asked me to talk about SACHIN TENDULKAR for 20 minutes, non-stop. I managed for 10 minutes. Then I said that?s all I know sir.
      He knew enough of biotech and grilled me on that. Just was checking my knowledge of the subject deeply.


    Lastly, though the interview was fine, just to check my patience he said to me,?I m not very satisfied wid the performance. What should I do, U tell me. Should I give u the HR form??

    I said,? sir, u have been very cordial and co-operative. This took out the best from me in the very first interview of my life. I think my performance was good.Rest depends upon you.?

    HR- ?No man, it all depends on YOU. Congratulations. Take the HR form. This is last one and I am giving it to u with a purpose.?

    Me- I will do my best sir. Thank u.

    The  H.R Interview began at 1:30 a.m at midnight. She asked just three questions.(rejection rate in HR is very low.)

    1) Why u dropped 1 year after ur 12th?

    2) Did u cheat in the written paper? (I said I was sitting in the corner, so no opportunity to cheat. She laughed).

    3) What u learned from ur parents in the past 21 years? (I m 21)



    Final result came at 4.30 in the morning.
    Finally, 158 students were selected.
    My NAME was 9th from the TOP.  Yahoo !!!


    Thank u. I just cant forget that moment.


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