WIPRO  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   HeritageInstituteof Technology,Kolkata -03 Jan 2011

WIPRO  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   HeritageInstituteof Technology,Kolkata -03 Jan 2011

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hii friends?Myself Mihi(Arindam Aich) ? I am a CS student from Heritage Institute of Technology , kolkata.Wipro came in our campus on 4th  Jan,2011 .

    Total appeared :-> 450.
    Cleared  Written Exam:-> 350.(approx)
    Finally selected:-> 146.

     WIPRO PLACEMENT PAPER contains 3 major SECTIONS with  sectional cut-off:->

    1.Verbal Section.(20 Qs
    2. Analytical  Section.(20 Qs)
    3.Technical Section.(10 Qs)
    1.Verbal Section
    1Q. Substitutes with same meaning word:
     The word was ?OBSIQUES?

    Ans. Funeral Ceremonies.

    2Q. Find the word which doesn?t belong to the same category :
     Line was: ?To walk Aimlessly?
    Ans: march.

    3Q. Substitutes with same meaning word:

      Line was: ?List of the headings of Business Transaction ?

    Ans: Agenda.

    4Q. Pick the missing PUNCTUATION mark.

    5Q. FORM  the  meaning full word : T L P N A E

    Ans:  PLANET

     6Q.A long RC with 6 yo7 Qs..

    7Q. Substitutes with same meaning word:

    Line was: ?Prove the involvement?

    8Q. FORM  the  meaning full word : R P E D I

    2.Analytical Section:  (VERY VERY EASY SECTION)

    1Q. Series compition:
    2,3,6,15,45, ?
    463, ? , 379 , 715.
    2Q.Problems on Time and Distant.
    3Q. Problem on DIE.
    4Q.Problems on DIRECTION
    5Q.Problems on  some given SITUATIONS.
    6Q.Problems on AGE.
    7Q. Problems on Reasoning.
    8Q. Problems on SHAPES
    9Q. Problems on PROBABILITY.
    10Q. Problems on SPEED.
    3.Technical Section: (Easy but Tricky Qs)
    1Q.Represent in BINARY 181
    2Q.Problems on POSTFIX NOTATION
    3Q.Application of STACK
    4Q.OUTPUT driven Problems.
    5Q.Which Connecter used in CD-ROM?
    Technical Round:->I appear my Technical Interview on next day after Written Exam
    My Interview:
    Me: May I come Sir.
    Sir(a young person?.age  around 30) :Yes?plz take Ur seat..
    Me: Thank U sir.
    Sir: Introduce Urself.
    Me: Started & keep proceeding ..
    Sir: Interrupted & started with Technical Q.
    Sir: What is NORMALISATION in DBMS ? What r the Diff  forms of    NORMALISATION.
    Me: Told.
    Sir: Tell me about all those types in details..
    Me: Told with Confidence and with example for each type.
    Sir: good?.What is Primary and Foreign key ? explain with example
    Me: Told?.
    Sir: So, U r good in DBMS?let?s try with a OOP?.JAVA.
    Me: surely.
    Sir: What r the basic properties in OOP.
    Me: Told.
    Sir: Why STATIC key word used?
    Me: Told.
    Sir: How Multiple Inheritance  can b implemented in JAVA.
    Me: Told.
    Sir: How we can Inherit a CLASS and a Interface ?
    Me: Told.
    Sir: What is Exception?
    Me: Told.
    Sir: At last?.Arindam Do U have any Qs about Wipro?
    Me: Yes?..Sir Whether  I am getting this job or not?.(Straight Forward I ask the Q but with confidence)
    Sir: HR will answer Ur Q. (After Giving Me The Clearance Form of Technical Round.)
    Me: Thank U Sir?..
    My Technical Round Interview  takes around 45 to 60 mins?..I was really Tired but hopeful  for my next HR Interview
    HR Round:->
    Me: May I come in Sir.
    Sir: Yes?come.
    Sir: plz take Ur seat Arindam?give me a few mins plz.(in the meanwhile He is sorting the previous CANDIDATE?s FORMs?.almost 20 forms r there . )
    Me: thank u sir?(I was following that last 5 CANDIDATES were rejected just before myself?.among them there was 1 of my dear friend?.Unfortunately I saw he was rejected?.Now I was feeling NERVOUS? )
    Sir:  so, Arindam?correcting himself?He ask the correct pronunciation of my name?
    Me: Correcting my name ?
    Sir: Introduce Urself?
    Me: Told.(slowly but clearly)
    Sir: gazing  to my results?he conclude Ur consistently good in all 3 yr of My B.Tech?.So What is  Ur Extra Curriculum Activities apart from academic career?
    Me: Told.(Showing  some evidence in my football & Cricket).
    Sir: What is Ur lifetime achievement so far?
    Me: Told with a important fact of  mylife.
    ir: Satisfied?& started to Tell about there Company?s Bonding Policies(about 15 mins)
    Me: listening..
    Sir:  Do U have any Qs about WIPRO?
    Me: same prime Q?..Sir whether I am getting the job?
    Sir: Smile ???.Wait for that moment of announcement?.
    Me: Thank u sir.

     Then after 4 hrs of waiting our name was declared? I was one of the lucky ones? u have to believe urself...try to focus on what u r saying..n be positive ..don't show over-smartness ....best of luck to all of the future?


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