WIPRO  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   CVR College Of Engg-26 May 2007

WIPRO  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   CVR College Of Engg-26 May 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi friends...Im a student of CVRCE who gave wipro exam on 26th may 2007.. it was our first on campus for the academic year 2007-2008.  completed my third year..

    There were three rounds
    2.Technical interview
    3.HR round

    1. Aptitude contained three sections.   Quantitative ability... Verbal ability and Technical questions
    Quantitative was  easy and RS agarval must be sufficient.. Time and distance..time and work..profit and loss..percentages..probability will be enough
    Verbal our ppr was damn easy.. it was infact easiest among all the sections... no rc..all were very logical and even requires less time like
    123456 were given and asked to jumble to make it a correct word... active and passive sentence antonyms and synonyms were given some 2 or 3.. u just need to refer high frequency words in barrons

    Most toughest was the technical part.. many many questions were given from UNIX.. and OS ofcourse.. which were really tough..about 360 wrote it and 180 cleared the 1st round..(gr8 number this time)
    I was among them who qualified first round

    2.The second round
    It was Technical interview time... all u need is confidence confidence and confidence...i finished my apti at around 1;00 and was called for TI at some 5:30
    I: Good evening sir( i smiled and said)
    TI: Very good evening(he too smiled)
    He was a very patient and very friendly man.. he had many questions to ask me }
    TI: How are u???
    I:Im fine sir.. How are u???
    TI: Im fine Sir..
    TI: Tell me about yourself...
    I: Im... blah blah..told abt my dad..mom n sis...
    TI: he took out a form and he asked for my favrt subjects
    I: I like C and DS and i have basics of OS.. and Java sir..
    TI: What are the courses u learnt in ur semesters
    TI:Ok then lets start our discussion with C
    I: Sure sir!!! 
    TI: Ok tell me about storage classes in C
    I: Well prepared with this question.. Talked for about 10 min on storage classes.. mentioned the lifetime..scope of each n evrything and explained in detail..
    TI: Explain static with example
    I: wrote a program and explained
    static int i;

    TI: He then asked me about Data Structures ie stacks
    I: spoke about stacks.. last in first out..gave example of plates in a hotel... 
    TI:where are stacks used???
    I>Recursions(He was impressed by this)
    TI: and where else???
    I: spoke lill about heap also... and again came back n said abt static variables were stored there 
    TI: Ok lets speak about OS
    I: yeah ok sir
    TI: if u wanna develop an application how will u find out how much memory is required basedon the program ??
    I: After we write the code.. we evaluate each n every inst and then fine out sir.. we even request for aditional space so that if there is any requirement we cud fulfil
    TI: u r 80% right...
    TI: gave me 2 processes and asked when os will know abt waiting and releasing???
    I: tried  to explain it.. i did it 70%.. he was satisfied
    TI: 2 processes..2 resources.. each process want two resources to complete.. how will OS release them?? and when wil proces complete???
    I: couldnt answer this well..but managed...
    TI: Ok then... Since we had interview for abt 45 min which usually is restricted to 15-30 min.. do u think ull be selected?????
    I: Yes sir.. i said confidenetly about wat i know and as far as i knoe i wud b selected
    TI: U have a very gud fundamentals... in tech... y didnt u join ece??? u wud have shined more...
    I: DIdnt get sir and was intrested in CS n IT rather than electronics...and bcoz this is good one.. i opted for this coll
    TI: Will u sing a song if i ask u to??(hobbies were singing)
    I:Sure sir...
    TI: Ok it stoo late and there are candidates waiting...(smiled) SOme other time :D
    I; Sure sir
    TI: Ok here is ur HR form... All the Best for ur HR ....

    HR: Hello BSK come in...
    I: Good evening sir...
    HR: Hoiw was the wiprodrive at CVR???
    I: Good sir.. Helped us a lot...
    HR:Any suggestions to improve??
    I: u cud have brought more of ur staff so that ur burden wud be reduced...
    HR: even i didnt expect this turnup.. so... anywyasy we'll do it next time..:)
    HR: Tell me abt urself..
    I: said everything..blah blah blah...
    HR: how do u support ur sis(she completde 10th) how do u guide her
    I:Said him...
    HR: What are the wipro products u knoe???
    I: bulbs.. soaps...sugar free(Visibly impressed by this last eg)
    HR:Which do u use in home???
    I:Baby soaps
    HR:hahahaha u use baby soaps!!!!!!!!
    I:yes sir
    HR:Why wipro??
    I:Its a CMM level 5 comany and wud a prestige 4 me to join there...
    HR CMM level 5????
    I: its the quality of the goods be it soaps or bulbs or watever its manfacturing
    HR:Why wipro needs u???
    I: Ur organinzation needs smart ppl wid gud tech and communication skills which i've already proved in the rounds and now im on par with other
    candidatees...I take my work not as a duty but responsibility... i just dont work for the money but fot the dedication and gratitude towars the organisation wihch gave opportunity to prove myself...
    Hr: Ok ... Nice meeting u..
    I; Thank u sir
    At about  11:00 PM our results were announced of the 100.. from hr 85 were selected and i was among them/.. saw a spark in my parents
    eyes... which ive been waiting for.............. :) im happy too..................i was 7th to be announced... Thanks mom n dad.......Thanks Principal... Thanks HOD.. Thanks Po SIr and all sirs who guided me finally thanks sis and whole bunch to CVR........ who made it possible for me in the first interview...

    Believe ur self.. no tensions no worries... all the best


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