WIPRO  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   BSRIT College Of Engg, Narsapur-28 Jul 2007

WIPRO  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   BSRIT College Of Engg, Narsapur-28 Jul 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi frnds.. This is Meena  from M.G.I.T. Im glad 2 say u all that I got placed in WIPRO. It was off campus conducted on 28th july.

    Around 2250 members wrote da aptitude test out of which 348 got selected 4 interviews.Finally 83 got selected out of interviewed candidates. 



    Duration :  60 mins

    Total       :  50 questions

    Verbal     :  15 questions

    Analytical:  15 questions

    Technical  : 20 questions

    NO Negative marks

    There was individual cutoff 4 all da sections.



    ·        Rcs

    ·        Jumbled Sentence

    ·        Analogies

    ·        Synonyms

    ·        Antonyms

    ·        Idioms



    ·        No. Systems

    ·        Profit&Loss

    ·        Probability

    ·        Time&Work

    ·        Time&Distance

    ·        Coding

    ·        A simple Problem of Finding min no. of Ducks was given



    This section was bit easy compared 2 Previous sections.

    Simple questions were asked like

    ·        Who discovered mouse?

    ·        Conversion from Binary 2 Decimal

    ·        Outputs of some C prgms


    Time Management & Cool Mind is important 2 get through Written test


    I detail the questions asked me in


    me : may I come in sir?

    Sir:  Yes.

    me:  gudevng sir!

    Sir:  gudevng. Pls be seated

    Me: thanq sir

    Sir: Give ur resume

    Me: gave my resume n I maintained myself 2 sit straight & keep smiling.

    Sir: Pls introduce urself

    Me: I was well prepared 4 this n was telling in such a manner that im spontaneous. I totally impressed him by telling my strengths n family background n my hobbies.

    Sir: so Meena, dancing n Writing poems r ur hobbies?

    Me: s sir. My poems got published in my clg magazine also n I got many prizes in dance Competitions.

    Sir:Wow! That?s really gr8

    Me:Thanq sir.

    Sir: y there is a huge % drop? I think ur concentrating more on extra curricular activities.

    Me: (here I was very cool n explained 2 him like a friend)

    Sir : write da pgm for swapping 2 no.s

    Me: wrote using 3 logics

    Sir:what is the fn. of  picture tube?

    Me: I dnt know sir. V have T.V engg in present sem

    Sir:o.k what is an antenna?

    Me: a transducer which cnvers electrical signals of radio frequency 2 em waves of same Frequency.

    Sir: is function of antenna & remote cntrl same?

    Me: no sir

    Sir :no?

    Me: NO  SIR.

    Sir: it is same (n explained me abt it).

    Me:Thanx 4 correcting me sir.

    Sir: asked me smething abt LCD & Plasma tv

    Me: I was not sure but said something

    Sir: (explained me correctly)

    Me: Thanq sir. Now I stand correct

    Sir: (gave me H.R form) get PERFECTION in java, c++,c so that u will b in gud position in Wipro

    Me: O.k Thanq so much sir.

    Thatsit..my interview was da shortest. It went for 15-20 mins. for others it was bit tough n went for abt 30 mins.Actually i prepared myself in a Good masnner n was natural n Spontaneous wid my answers n SMILING



    My turn came around 12.45 a.m. I was feeling very sleepy but managed 2 keep myself acvtive by talking something or da other with da people around me . I was in dilemma whether 2 say gudmrng or gudn8.

    FOR ME:

    Questions in H.R Interview were

    ·  Tell me abt urself?

    ·  Define success

    ·  Do u think u r successful?

    ·  Y do u think u r successful


    They announced our result at 3 a.m. by gods grace I was selected. At last, I jus wanna share with U all b4 this company, I was not able 2 get through 3 companies. This is my 4th company.So this is 2 motivate u all. So frnds don?t give up.

    Give ur best n best comes 2 u.


    Thanx 2 my CHWEET MOM n my family members who always encouraged me. Thanx 2 all my friends who cares me very much.






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