WIPRO  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Bharat Institute Of Technology , Meerut-19 Feb 2007

WIPRO  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Bharat Institute Of Technology , Meerut-19 Feb 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    19th February 2007 , Bharat Institute of Technology , Meerut , (U.P.)

    Hi everyone...i am Vasu Jain from Meerut...

    Wipro visited our campus on 19th feb2007.and i was selcted in it. First of all i will thanks Freshersworld.com for providing me the matter about how 2 prepare and what to prepare.they gave me the direction.
    now my experience for the campus...

    the total recruitement procedure was divided into 3 sections...
    1 Written Test
    2 Technical Interview
    3 HR Interview

    Written test
    50 question 1 hour
    15 verbal missing punctuatin...same word opposite word...fill in the blanks...real easy
    15 quanti puzzles included...nice questions..wil take time...but will solve for sure...atleast u will du 10 on ur own
    20 technical c/c++basic unix co network ques tough nut to crack...concepts must b clear...low cut off for it

    after 1 hour results results came out of 105 ...48 were selected in written test.

    Technical interview
    then i was given first group for wipro..was the first 1 for tech interview dnt even get time to revise anything.
    was there inside te interview room on my own. no prep as no time was for us.
    and i being the frst 1 to gve interview juz get 5 minutes 2 revise my project only

    i enetred cheerfully and wished the interviewer.
    she asked me 2 sit down.
    i being the first one was nervous..but i dint showed it on my face and wasthere inside with full confidence.
    she scanned thru my cv thoroughly...
    then saw my tech skills as c/c++,java,.net

    I: where u did all courses from...college or outside..
    I :what are the subjects you have studeis
    I: what is your faviorate subject
    I: what is an algorithn
    I: what are types of algo
    I: what do u knw abt operating system
    I: what are teh components of operating system
    I: what all languages u want to learn in future
    I: what is your project
    I: where u did it
    I: describe it
    I: tell me abt it in detail
    I: what was your role in the project
    I: what are ....
    I: can u write a code on this....
    I: whats differnce between a procedure and a function...
    I: one pointers+array question

    there were 4-5 more question which i dont remmber

    was the frist one to get the HR form...came out of the room very happy... it took me more than half hour to fill the hr form.
    infact the wipro people came 2 me 2 times to say ..fill it fastt..... filled it and i was agin the first one to give the hr interview..

    HR interview
    tell me about yourself
    what are your strengths
    how can u say this is your strength
    what was your rank in uptu engg enterance
    why was it so bad
    what are ur hobbies
    why is this your hobby
    what is your biggest achievement till date
    why should wipro hire you
    what are areas where you would like to improve yourself
    do u want to ask any questions from us

    2-3 questions more and i was finished with my hr...
    i was over with hr by 2 pm that day...

    results were declared at 8 pm...n i was the one of those lucky 21 to get selected....

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