WIPRO  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   AU College Of Engg,VIzag-15 Jun 2007

WIPRO  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   AU College Of Engg,VIzag-15 Jun 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi this K.Srinivas ,currently doing Mtech(CST) in AU college of Engineering , Wipro has visited our campus on June 15th .By Gods grace I got  be placed in WIPRO. I put my experience regarding the selection procedure .


    WIPRO selection had 3 rounds.
    3)HR ROUND

    1. Probably WIPRO is one of those companies , who are looking for very technically sound students .
    2. The written exam is totally different from companies like TCS  (NO REPETATION) . THERE WILL BE SECTIONAL CUTOFF !!

    APTITUDE TEST has 3 parts
    àverbal (15 ques)
    àanlytical (15 ques)
    àtechnical(20 ques)



    In the Verbal section u will have few questions such as active n passive voice, direct-indirect speech,1 question on arrangement of lines in to a meaningful para, synomyms-antonyms-meaning of WETBLANKET. u will have 2...idioms
     and one rc...very easy read it carefully..and relationships between words...2 vere
    and 2 jumbled sentences...

    Particularly no books r recommended u can improve by reading English paper daily but if u want to go thru u can follow below mentioned books

    Suggested Books:

    High School Grammar by Wren &Martin ,also GRE BARRONS high frequency words


    ANALYTICAL: both quantative and reasoning qs are there

    read each and every line carefully answer will be very easy if u go through carefully or else u in trap
    one venn diagrams,2 clocks,1..pipes and cristerns,1 ratios..,1 percentage, profit and loss,speed that formula 2xy/(x+y), and probobality time&distance ,trains ,ratio& propotion
    simple interest go by answers it will save time....etc.. reasoning based qs also found which are easy

    Suggested Books: R.S.Agarwal for Quantative aptitude and reasoning ,just do model of each above mentioned chapters.


    Thorough with C,C++,Unix and also O.S qs ,some qs found reg Computer Networks

    Suggested Books: Test u r C Skills ,let us C,++, rest u can cover thru ur academic knowledge gained

    Non computers students need not bother bcuz CUT OFF is low for u  


    2.Technical Interview
    The technical interview was really a mamoth task !!!!

    It is all in ur hand....if u show confidence in ur communicaion u l be in.

    One important thing is that 4 tech interview ur resume wil be very important, and also be prepared for ur project done in academic bcuz the company like WIPRO concentrates on  this more .they ask qs what u have mentioned in ur cv ,so be careful while mentioning ur subjects 

    They also ask u to write programs in C, C++ so be prepared to write any program they ask only simple programs for me they asked to write Bubble sort
    Then a simple programs in c, cpp-recursion, fibinocci, factorialand soon--------.


    For me the interviewer asked for my resume...and told me to introduce my self

    Interviewer: Introduce Ur self

    Me: Well said

    Interviewer: diff bw c++ and Java

    Me: said

    Interviewer: about academic project done

    Me: explained every thing from the purpose of the project around more than 5 min

    Interviewe: diff bw C++ and Java

    Diff Bw C and C++

    What does Garbage Collection mean?

    Quos on Pointers, Arrays, Array of Pointers

    Asked to explain each and every Feature of OOP.

    Me: Above all are answered confidently.

    Write program on Bubble Sort in C/C++

    Wrote, so be prepare for programs also u need to write.

    And some other questions from Data Structures.

    Tech Interview took half an hour. 

    And interviewer gave me HR form and asked to fill it and wait for HR round.

    NOTE: U will be given HR form only if u selected in TECH interview.


    Hr Interview:
    Introduce U R Self,
    What do u Know about Wipro
    Who is the person most admire u
    Why U want to join in Wipro
    Answered above all
    HR said finally HAVE A GREAT DAY(really that becomes GREAT DAY IN MY LIFE)

    For my friends they asked to tell a story, and explain any recent movie they had seen, like that.

    Put faith in GOD and be confident

    Ok friends I think my experience would help u .best of luck .Meet u at WIPRO



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