WIPRO  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Andhra University ,Visakhapatnam-15 Jun 2007

WIPRO  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Andhra University ,Visakhapatnam-15 Jun 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi Friends,
    My name is M.Chandra Sekhar studing M-Tech Computers in Andhra University . I have attended to wipro on-campus in our college .The total number of students wrote the exam are 654.

    The Written exam consists of 3 sections.
    1.English (15 questions)
    2.Aptitude (15 questions)
    3.Technical(20 questions)

    Exam started at 9:15pm (for 1 HOUR )

    Section 1: English: Very easy
    1.If the word  e l n a d h is coded as 1 2 3 4 5 6 the the correct meaning word is  ___________
    Ans :handle

    2.If the word c k p o t e is coded as 1 2 3 4 5 6 the the correct meaning word is  ___________

    3,4:.Change the sentence from Active voice to Passive Voice
    5,6:Change the sentences Direct Speech to Indirect Speech

    7.Sentence complition For Ex:I ______________ working from 4 years.
    ans:Have been

    These are some questions i have answered.
    I think the cut off for this section is 5.

    Section 2:Aptitude:
    Prepare RS-Aggarwal Text Book.

    1.Time and Work(Ex:If two persons can do the work in some days.And if one person can do it in some days then the another person can do in how many days?)
    2.Letter Series
    3.Simple Interest(Ex:if the rate is doubled in some time then the change is--------------)
    5.Time and Distance
    These are some questions that i have answered..I think the cut of for this section is 5.

    Tecnical: (I feel this section is very easy for me bcoz i am good in computer languages)
    Prepare well for C,C++,DataStructures,Unix,Fundamentals of Computers,Priciples of Programming Languages.
    1.Which of the following sentences are correct:
    a)For loops can be nested.
    b)For Loops may use the same index.
    c)For loops cannot be overloaded.
    Ans:All are correct

    2.In C or C++  27|3 is equals to :
    Ans :27 (i.e Apply bit-wise or Operation)

    3.Convert into post-fix for the given expression:a+b*c/d
    int i=100;
    int max(int x)
    Ans:I am not sure but i think it is 1013

    5.Whenever the system starts which will run
    Ans:Bootstrap loader
    6.Ada ia ___________________ language
    a)Modular b)Object Oriented c)Object Based d)Functional
    7.Given a tree find its Postfix notation
    8.To remove all the files and directories in a file(i.e the unix command)
    9.In c++ static variables can be treared as_______________
    a)private b)public c)protected d)all
    I think the cut off for this section is 6 or 7.

    The results announced at 2:45pm. So i cleared the first round. Total 292 out of 652 were cleared the first round.Luckly i was one of them.

    ROUND 2:Technical Interview
    It was started at 3:15pm and closed to 3:35pm)(total 20minutes). There is only one panel member.
    1.Program to check the given no is a prime or not(in C)
    2.oops concepts
    5.Diff btwn primary key and unique
    6.Indexing in DBMS
    7.Types of DBMS
    8.Types of JOINS
    9.Write a SQL statement to find the first maximum 3 Salaries
    10.He asked about my project :I Explained .
    11.What ia Array.
    12.What is Linked List.
    13.Disadvantaged of Arrays.
    14.Use of Linked List.
    These are some Questions i remembered . Total 153 out of 292 were cleared the second round.Luckly i was one of them

    ROUND 3:HR Interview
    I entered into the room at 5.10pm then he told me to wait for 5min. Then he asked me to come.
    Me:I wished him Good Afternoon Sir,
    Hr:Are u came for Interview
    Hr:Then why you have not shaved?
    Me:I told sir yesterday evening only i shaved due to very hot sun my face is looking like that sir
    Hr:Why did you join Mtech Since u dont get job in Btech
    Me:No Sir I am interested to do Mtech ,its my fathers desire also
    Then later he asked about my paper presentation. I expalined
    Hr:What are ur strengths
    I expalined
    Hr:what are ur weekness
    I explained
    Hr:What are ur likes
    I explained
    Hr:What are ur Hobbies
    I explainned
    And he checked my 10th,Inter Maths Marks,and etc

    Finally My HR Interview was completed. Finally the results was announced at 6:15pm. I was selected. I am very Very happy.And My Father and my friends and all my ralatives felyt very happy.
    Total 133 selected after the Third round. Ok Friends I hope my experience will help a little.All the Best
    Thanks to freshersworld.com for giving a chance to express my experiences.

    Your friend
    M.Chandra Sekhar

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