WIPRO  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Andhra University Campus-6 Jun 2007

WIPRO  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Andhra University Campus-6 Jun 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    My name is M.chandra sekhar studing M-tech 2nd year in Andhra University.Recently i was Selected to wipro on june 15th which is held at Andhra University Campus.

    The Selection Process for WIPRO mainly contains 3 rounds:
    1.Written test
    2.Technical Interview
    3.HR Interview

    Round 1:
    In Round 1 the paper consists of 50 questions(of objective type only) into 3 sections.
    Section 1:English
    Section 2:Aptitude
    Section 3:Technical

    Total students appeared for 1st round are 652.
    Some Questions that i have remembered ,so that it may help you.They are:
    Section 1:English(15 questions)
    1.Converting Active Voice to passive voice
    2.Converting passive voice to active voice
    3.Select the correct word for the given word ndhlea coded as 123456 Ans:Handle
    4.Select the correct word for the given word cokpte coded as 123456 Ans:Pocket
    5.Tenses(Ex:I have been working ,I have lost etc type of questions)
    6.Tenses(Ex:I have been working ,I have lost etc type of questions)
    11:Converting Direct to Indirect Speech
    12.Converting Indirect to Direct Speech
    14.Sentence completion
    15.Some punchuation marks missing like , "          ", . etc
    I have attemped only 6 from this section.

    Section 2:Aptitude Section
    I have not remembered the questions correctly but the questions are only 2 to 3 line questions:Prepare RS Agarwal examples etc.
                      1.Time and work(2 Ques)
                      2.Ratios (2 ques)
                      4.Time and distance(2)
                      5.Simple Interest,percentages(2)
                      7 profit and loss(2)
                      8.Letter Series(1)
                      9.number series(1)
    I have attemped only 6 from this section

    Section 3:Technical (Prepare C,C++,Data Structures,Operating Systems,System Programming,Fundamentals Of Computers)
    1.Which of following is correct:
    a)For loops can be nested
    b)For Loops may use the same Index
    c)For loops cannot be overllapped

    if(i= =3) continue;
    else printf("%d",i);
    Ans:1 2 4 5

    3.int a[][]={"abcd","cdej","klud");

    4.main( )
    int i=100;
    int (*)M( );
    int M( int x )
    Ans :1003(Not sure)

    5.when the system starts which will execute: Ans :Booting loader
    6.In C and C++   27|3 is   (it is bitwise or operator)  Ans:27
    7.In C++ static members can be:
    a)private b)public c)priotected d)all
    Ans)public (not sure)
    8.find post fix otation to a+b*c/d

    9.main( )
    if(0= =fork( ))
    else printf("no");
    Ans:Dont know

    10.In Unix the command To delete all files and sub directories in a given directory: Ans :Dont know
    11.Another Question from unix.(about permissions)
    12.Given a tree to find the postorder
    13.ada is _____________ language.
    a)modular b)object based c)object oriented d)functional
    Ans:c(not sure)
    14.The maximum level of the tree is :Ans:Depth of the tree
    15,16:from networks
    These are some questions that i have remembered
    I wrote 10 questions.
    I cleared the first round .it is sectional cut off(i think 5 ,5 ,8 for the sections)
    Total 292 cleared this round

    ROUND 2:Technical Interview
                            1.Write program to check the given no is Prime or not
                            2.What is Array.
                            3.Opps Concepts.
                            4.What is Abstraction.
                            5.What are different types of DBMS.
                            6.Explain about joins in DBMS
                            7.write SQL statement to find first three maximum salaries
                            8.Indexing in DBMS
                            9.Features of DBMS.
                           11.Linked List,Use of Linked List?
                           12.Asked about my project :I explained
                           13.Use of my project.
    I cleared this round also.
    Total 152 cleared this round.They will check ur confience in this round

    ROUND 3:HR Interview
                            1.Asked why did u join M-tech
                            2.Asked about my Paper presentation ("steganography")';
                            3.Asked about my likes
                            4.My strengths
                            5.My weekness
                            6.How to overcome ur weekness
    Finally i was selected to WIPRO.
    Total selected are 133.

    "All the Best"        
    Ur Friend Sekhar

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