WIPRO  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper    MJCET Hyderabad-16 Aug 2007

WIPRO  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper    MJCET Hyderabad-16 Aug 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi friends,.............. Wipro visited MJCET on 16th august, 2007.. The selection procedure had 3 rounds

    1. Aptitude
    2. Technical interview
    3. HR interview

    All of 3 were elimination rounds. A total of 250 students attended the written test...
    1)Aptitude test: the test started at 9:30 am and duration was of 1 hour. The paper had 3 parts
    a) Verbal (15 quest)
    b) Analytical (15 quest)
    c) Technical questions (20 quests)

    All three sections were in a single paper, u can start with any of the sections u like, no negative marking, sectional cut off was there.. 

    a) Verbal section:
    This section consisted of questions like there were 2 questions on find out the wrongly spelt word. Then there were 2 to 3 questions on fill the blank with suitable word. There were 3 questions on antonyms and synonyms.2 questions on active & passive voice.There were 2 questions on sentence correction and 3 questions on direct & indirect speech. The question were little bit tough. Prepare well.

    b) Analytical: This section had some ques on quantitative aptitude from r.s aggarwal and also some quest form r.s aggarwal verbal & non-verbal..

    this part was a bit easy but was tricky coz most of the answers were difficult to answer by solving them.. I solved most of the questions by elimination method, and substitution method.. (Elimination method is the elimination of wrong answer frm the given options one by one, and finding the correct answer)

    (substitution method is by substituting the given options in the question and marking the answer which matches the question- this method is  easy when the ques r lenghty)

    Tip: Read the ques n all options first b4 starting to solve- coz u may get the answer without solving itself sometimes as some options will be irrelevant to the question.

    c) Technical section:
    This was the difficult section for me as am an ECE student.. Attempt this section first if u r technically good n has a Technical background... Coz some questions were the basic definitions such as "the protocol used for remote login- telnet" so u can answer these quickly n utilize that time for analytical section which usually needs some extra time... this section had some questions on C, C++, UNIX, Data Structures, Comp n/w, and also some questions on electronics which are very basics-DAC is used for? Ans: to convert decimal no like 5.375 to binary form..

    the cut off for this section is non-uniform i.e., for CSE n ISE branches it will b around 12 and for others it will b less than half of that.. the questions on C were on pointers from test ur C skills..

    The test folded up at 10:30a.m sharp, and the results were out at 12.20 itself.. Out of 250, 155 students cleared the written test..

    2)Technical Interview:
    Technical interview started in about 20mins, my turn came at around 4 p.m. it went on for around 15mins.. My interviewer was very cool, first he introduced himself, n then asked me " tell me something about yourself" . I said about my schooling and college life. Then he asked me What is condenser.Then he asked me about diff b/w microprocessor and microcontroller. Then he asked me about my paper presentation to explain him. I explained him confidently. Then he asked me to write a program in C on prime no.Then he asked me various uses of pointers n their advantages, OOP concept and about my favourite subject. I answered confidently. Then he asked me explain about my project. so I explain him only about the 5th sem project successively.. Then he asked me about my prefered location for work, i said " the domain is what which matters me,not the place where i work".. he was impressed with all my answers n handed me a DATA sheet n said Mr. IMRAN nice meeting u, plz fill this sheet.. I greeted him n arranged the chair back n came out..

    OUT of 155 only 70 were selected in technical interview round.  

    3)HR Interview:
    My HR was a lady, she was very cool and as soon as I went in she asked me to get seated.. then asked about my family background.. I answered her with smiling face without panic.. then she said " can u tell me about some challenges u face from ur childhood" I answered that question fluently and then she asked me "Why Wipro should hire u" I told about my strengths and explained with example. She was very much impressed by my answer. Then she asked me where u wants to see urself from 5 yrs now. I told her that I want to become project manager. Then she asked me why project manager only. I explained her about that. And then she asked me to wait for the result.. Then at last i said i have a doubt n asked her that what that rainbow flower signifies in the Wipro logo... She explained me with enthusiasm.. 

    Out of 70 who were short listed for tech interview 63 were selected.. I was one among them,, the entire process got over at 9:30 pm itself.. I was happiest person that time. My advice to those who are appearing for wipro is to study previous papers. They will help you a lot. Then be confident in your self.


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