WIPRO  Placement Paper   Technical - Other   -26 Feb 2005

WIPRO  Placement Paper   Technical - Other   -26 Feb 2005

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    1. antonym of SAGE:ans FOOL(GRE Barrons)

    2. antonym of orthodox:ans uncoventionality(GRE Barrons)

    3. analogy Excessive : Moderation::impusive:reflection(GRE barrons)      

    4. analogy Construct:Renovate::write:delete
                  Logical reasoning

    5. odd man out --tautology:oncology:repetition:redundancy ans oncology

    6. odd man out -- enroll:capitulate:enlist:conscript ans capitulate

    7. few questions to check senetences if gramatically right

    8. the following letters are assigned the codes like
          a=1,c=2,d=3,r=7,y=9,o=4,i=5,t=6,n=8 then the word dictionary is
          ans a> 3526548179 note :numbers may vary

    9. If the nos 8 & 7 are interchanged as well as the signs +&/ are interchanged which of the
          following is valid equation
          ans c>8+8/7=9(it is 7/7+8=9)

    10. whichof the following options is related to cricket,tennis,football
          a)carom   b)chess   c)volleyball   d)all      ans c

    11. A sports discussion is taking place in a meeting. All those in the meeting who enjoy the batting of
       Sachin also enjoy  the batting of Lara. Those who enjoy the batting of Lara despise the batting of 
       Rahul. Some of those who enjoy the batting of Lara also enjoy the batting of Saurav; those who 
       enjoy the batting of Rahul also enjoy the batting of Ricky. Some of those who enjoy the batting 
       or Ricky also enjoy the batting of Lara. Some of those who enjoy the batting of Saurav despise 
       the batting of Rahul. All those who enjoy the battin of Ricky also enjoy the batting of Astle. Miss 
       Sujatha enjoys the batting of Rahul. Which of the following 

                must be false? 
           A)   She does not enjoy the batting of Saurav
           B)   She enjoys the batting of Ricky
           C)   She may enjoy the batting of Lara   
           D)    She enjoys the batting of Astle 

    12. Seven students-F, G, H, I, J, K, and L-are being considered for a scholarship. All of them had to
        take an examination which was based on their technical knowledge. The scores obtained in 
        the  examination were used for  evaluating these students. In analyzing this information 
        regarding the scores, the Principal made the following observations: None of the students has
        exactly the same score,as any other student. K's score is higher than L's, but lower than H's.I
        has a higher score than J.both F and G have higher scores than H. If J has a higher score
         how many  different rankings, by score, of the students are possible? 
                    A)2    8)1    C)8   D)4 

    13. binary equalent of 455 ? 

    14.  whats the o/p of the following code ?
                  int main () 
                      int i = 0 ; 
                      switch ( printf ("k") , printf ("ku"))
                      case 1 : printf (" %d" , i ) ; 
                      break ; 
                      case 2 : printf (" %d " , ++i ) ; 
                      break ; 
                ans : a) k ku 1 also ans d) ( both are same ) 

    15. Whats used to connect the computer with terminals ? 
        ans : a) Data Terminal equipment 

    16. A question about unix & linux 
        ans : b) [ unix from Bell labs ] 

    17. which is used to convert the assmbly code into binary 
        ans : assembler 

    18. whats the o/p of the following code ? 
        int main () 
             int i = -1 ; j = 1 , k = 0 , m ; 
             m = i++ || j++ && k++ ;                                                                                   
             printf ("\n\n%d %d %d " , i , j , k , m ) ; 

    19. Expansion of CDMA code divison multiple access .

    20. A question from Microprocessor ( which segment is not used by Microprocessor ? )
        a. ) Data segment b) extended segment c) information segment d) none of these 

    21. Which of the following layer is not in Tcp/ip ?
        a) transport b) application layer c) Network layer d) none of the above

    22. If A= 10000011 and B=1010111 and c= 11000011 then whats the string represent
       100001100011 .. (some thing
        like that ) 

    23.  A question regarding PCM 

    24. The best case comparison of Quick sort ? 

    25.  The usage of static function ?
         ans : to access static members 

    26. ACL stands for
         a.  access central limit 
         b.  access control limit
         c   access control list 
         d.  both a&b

    27. Choose a valid statement: in c++ "this" is ans c references the object that has invoked the method3 buffer registers are found in
       a. data bus b main memory c. I/O devices d.cpu ans c(check)

    28. An expression like ((A+B)*(D+E)/f) write the postfix expression
       ans d AB+DE+*...    

    29. The depth of a tree is  ans maximum level of a node

    30. IEEE standard of wireless protocol ans 802.11

    31. main()
        a. 11&13 b.12&13 c.error d.? ans C (check)

    32. What does the func return
               int fun()
                return i;
               ans 7

    33. main()
           int a[]={0 1 2 3};
           int *b;                                                                                                               
          ans 1(check)
          note: the elements of array may vary
             Technical Interview 

    34. What are the layers in OSI stack & Explain them ? 

    35. What u know about trees ? & tell the types of tree ? 

    36. Give the syntax of binary tree ?

    37. Write the program of factorial using recursion ?

    38. Write a Sql Query for ...... 

    39. Some questions from stack & Queue .

    40.  Write program for Single, doubly linked lists ?

    41. Tell about ur future projects & plan ?

             HR interview 

    42. Tell about ur family background .

    43. Why do u like to join in Wipro ? 

    44. Why should I hire u ? 

    45. Ur achievement ? 

    46. Do u have any qustion to ask ? 

    47. What do u know about wipro ? 

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