WIPRO  Placement Paper   General - Other   Not Specified-26 Feb 2005

WIPRO  Placement Paper   General - Other   Not Specified-26 Feb 2005

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    7 Jan, 2012

     WIPRO Sample Test Paper.

    Analytical Section

    1. A,B,C,D,E ,F are to be given adjacent rooms .The rooms don?t have complete walls between them rather sound, smoke can easily get through from one to another as there are gaps over a wall for free exchange of air. Miss C the head is allotted room no 5 as wished by her. Miss E needs a telephone for regular communication. Mr A & Mr B prefer to have adjacent rooms. Mr B,C,D are chain smokers. Miss C is allergic to cigarette smoke. 
      a) The correct order of placement of rooms is ?..four options were given.
      b) Which slot is best for Mr A ?

    2. A doctor is supposed to see his patients at 9.00, 10,00 11.00, 1.00 PM , 2.00 PM , 3.00 PM. Rajiv, Mark, Mathew, Hassan, Priya, Reni are the patients . Hassan is scheduled to be seen in early afternoon. Priya should be seen earlier in the day than Reni. Other such conditions were given and you needed to find based on the given conditions that how many such combinations are possible.

    3. In a film festival Amitabh ,SRK, Kamal hassan ,Hrithik and Subhash Ghai , Maniratnam and Yash Chopra are available as judges. A team of three is to be sent. The team must contain atleast one actor and ione director. If SRK is selected Kamal Hassan should also be selected and vice versa, If Amitabh is selected Subhash Ghai cannot be selected. If Hrithik is selected Maniratnam is also selected and vice versa. What should be the team if Amitabh is selected ?Four options..

    4. H == A+B ?R , F == H + I , T == F + A ? C+ D , S == T/2, R == A*S; If F is to be derived what is also needed to be derived ?
      a) S b) Q c) R d) T

    5. A team of at least three people is to be constituted for Mayor of a village for representation in a trade fair. One man, one woman, two boys, three girls are available. All three males cannot be selected, all four females cannot be selected. The team should contain at least one elder. What is the possible configuration that exactly sums up the formation of team :
      a) three girls , b) two boys and the lady c) the man, woman , one boy, one girl d) two boys, woman and a girl.

    6.  A series of drama is to be arranged on all the five days of the week. Monday to Friday. Drama contains fiction, romance, horror, comedy, tragedy. Horror cannot immediately precede romance , fiction should be scheduled earlier than romance , comedy should come after tragedy. If Horror is arranged on Friday then what should be the sequence of the dramas.(NB there may have been other conditions in this examples which I presently don?t remember )

    7. Three ice creams are to be made available every day by the college canteen. The IC available are strawberry, butterscotch,vanilla,choco, mango, choco-vanilla, pineapple. Each day should have ice creams which was also present day before. All the icecreams can be repeated only thrice during the entire week .IF choco, vanilla ,straw berry is given on Wednesday . What should be given on Thursday ? four options. The question probably has some data missing. Check it out.

    8. A team is to be selected from the hockey players available from the circuit. The selection team would require atleast four people. There are three coaches A,B,C and three selectors D,E,F available. But there schedule do not match . A cannot come if D is selected. If C is selected F should also be selected. If E is selected B should not be selected. What is the team?

                   Technical Section

    9. Full form of URL ? a) universal resource locator b) uniform resource locator c)none of these d) unidentified random locator.

    10. CDROM access is a) RANDOM b) SEMI RANDOM 3) SEQUENTIAL 4) ?????????/

    11. Total time spent by process...waiting in queue, execution etc 

    12. response time..of process.

    13. What is the function of shell?
       Interpreter b) command interpreter c) interface d) /?????????

    14. Which is a command interpreter ?
      a) Shell b) Kernel c)??? d)None of these

    15. main()
      what is the output ? a) abcdef b) d c) e d) ERROR.

    16. main()
      { char dummy[20]; scanf("%[^a]",dummy);
      printf("%s", dummy); }
      what will it do?
      a) ERROR b) take characters till ctrl z is pressed c) take upto 19 characters d) None of These

    17. How are objects in cpp passed ?
      a) By value b) By reference

    18. If the ethernet card is removed .
      a) IP address will change b) MAC address will change c) ????

    19. Operation of queue a) FIFO b) LIFO c) FILO d) None of these

    20. Static member of a class is a) class specific b) Object specific c) Referenced by using the scope resolution operator d)
       a & c

    21. TCP is a) connection oriented b) connection less c) god only knows d) None of these 

    22. How is data send by IP layer?
      a) as frames b) as packets c) as datagrams d) None of these

    23.  If Link list is used to implement a stack what operations should be implemented :
      a) insert front, delete front b) insert front , delete rear c) insert rear, delete front d) None of these

    24. Link list is implemented as a structure (data, link *), How is pointer moved to the next node , cursor points to the present node.
      a) cursor == cursor->link, b) cursor ++ c) ++ cursor d) None of these.

    25. How is memory allocated by new ?
      a) In a heap b) in a stack b) both a & b c) None of these.

        Technical Interview: The interview was over in 30 min 

    26. Difference between structure and class.

    27. How to resolve ambiguity in multiple inheritance ?

    28. What is static and dynamic binding in C ?

    29. What is the difference between structure and array?

    30. Difference between calloc and malloc & realloc?

    31. What is static class and static member function?

    32. What is pointer to a pointer? How it is declared and how is it accessed?

    33. What is the difference between function overriding and overloading ?

    34. What is the scope of a variable ?

    35. What is the difference between C & C++ ?

    36. Some questions on templates and exceptions. 

    37. What is stream ? How is it opened and describe file handling in CPP?

    38. Some questions related to Hard Disc :What is a hdd? How is a file accessed from the hdd? Why isn?t it used in place of a RAM ? What is RAID describe its basic structure ? . Where is the file information stored on the hard disk ? What is FAT ? How are files physically arranged on the hard disc?

    39. What is JVM, what is BYTE CODE ? What is multithreading ? How can it be implemented using C, write a program to describe it? What is the complexity of radix sort and how is it determined? A sequence of 15 numbers was to be sorted using heap sort. (He stopped me after the 3rd iteration).

    40. Some questions related to java-script, dynamic HTML, static HTML, ASP, .NET A query on natural join in SQL, what is the need of normalization ? What is data inconsistency and redundancy? What is the basic difference between file systems and database systems? What are triggers and assertions in SQL? How can you use C to connect with Oracle SQL database? (Using Oracle 8i PRO C/C++ precompiler )A complicated query on a trigger. (which I couldn?t ans).

    41. What is fork system call? How is a child process called and what happens to the parent ? In C what is spawnv () function, describe its execution. How can you use C for writing assembly language programs ?

    42. If you have done any project then try to bring the discussion towards it. I was interviewed on the project for about 20 min and I kept on explaining till he took up the HR form and signed it!!!! The interviewer was very impressed with my technical knowledge and gave his feedback to the HR interviewer as ?Very Confident & sound technical skills?. (I had overlooked the remark when he was writing it !!!)

           HR Interview.

    43. I was initially asked to describe myself . Since I had presented four papers in different places in India I took his attention towards it by telling that one of my hobbies is public presentation, and I supported it with example . He asked me about each and every paper and I took 45 min to explain him all the papers. Then he asked whether I wanted to know anything about WIPRO. I asked him around 11 - 12 questions and he was pretty impressed. The trick was to just to nod ur head and frame the next question in line while he was explaining one question.

    1. WIPRO has undertaken a project named ? MOBIO? it deals with biometrics. Since our minor project is on fingerprint recognition I would like to know something about MOBIO.

    2.  After gaining the billion dollar status Mr Azim Premjee said that appreciation of rupee is a concern. What should be the possible steps so that it no more remains a concern?

    3. U have diversified from soaps to software as well as maintained a constant growth rate. What is the secret of ur success?

    4. The work culture at WIPRO is great. How do u maintain it?

    5. How do u allocate projects among ur employees?

    6. How do u select employees for foreign duty?

    7. What is six sigma strategy  and how do u implement it?

    8. In the ex-pression ?WIPRO is a CMMi company? , what does ?i? signify?

    9. Is SAP associated with you someway ?

    10. Do you have plans to design a ìp better than Pentium 4? (They were the first in India to develop 8086 chip at IISc Bangalore , so I took this chance of asking him the silly question!!!)

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