WIPRO  Placement Paper   General - Other   -6 Mar 2008

WIPRO  Placement Paper   General - Other   -6 Mar 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi Friends?.This is Mudassar here from IIIT, Allahabad?..Recently WIPRO Technologies visited our college for campus recruitment . I would Like to share my experience with you..In all 135 students appeared for the written test?..

    The test paper was like this:
    Verbal Section: In this 2 questions on Synonym and Antonym each were asked, 2 on sentence completion, 2 jumbling words, 2 active ?passive,2 punctuation and 2 on right phrase substitution and 2 on idioms. There was 1 passage with 5 questions also. The verbal section was easiest ever? You just need to have basic of the English and grammar you have done in your schooling??..If you have time go through R S aggarwal Verbal and Non verbal Reasoning.

    2)   Quantitative Aptitude: In this questions on Ratio and Proportion, Ages, Distance, Probability, Puzzles and Reasoning, Seating Arrangements and Area and Volume, etc were asked.. R S Aggarwal is far more sufficient for this?.

    3)   Technical questions: Simple questions from C. DS, OS, Networking were asked?.

    There is sectional cut-off so you need to clear it all. Out of 135, 122 cleared the written test?.. Whew a big number?..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1Then came the technical interviews?. Mine was the second number in second list?????.

    My interview-------------------------------
    Me: Can I come in sir?
    Int: Yes.. Plzz sit down?
    ME: Thank u .. Sir
    Int: Can I get your resume?.
    Me: Yes sir?.
    Int: (Scanning my resume)So your area of interest are DBMS and DS?
    Me:Yes sir?
    Int: Well, Mudassar there are many colleges in Allahabad and there are many students can u prepare a database schema for it?.
    Me: Yes sir?.(Prepared the database?)
    Int: Well your name is too complicated.. Can you run a query on this database to find ur information..
    ME: Yes sir..( Done )
    Int: Well tell me something on your projects?..
    Me: Sir I have done three major projects which one do u want me to explain?
    Int: Possibly all??
    Me: Sure sir can I have a paper??..Blab la bla??.
    Int: this means you are well versed in JAVA (I had one my all projects in java? Bull?s Eye that was where I succeeded)?..
    Me: Yes sir?
    Int: Congrats You can move on?.(He gave me the HR form?.)

    After feeling the HR form they send me in??You can expect a cool guy he will be very friendly and just some common questions?.
    HR: Come in.Take ur sit.
    Me: Thank u sir.
    HR: Well why M Tech.
    Me: Bla bla
    HR: Tell me about ur thesis..
    ME: Blab la
    HR: Reading is ur hobby what r recent books u read?.
    Me: Bla bla?
    HR: Well why wipro?
    Me: Blab la..
    HR: Ready for bond?
    ME: yes?
    Hr: thank u u my leave?.

    After about 2 hours result were out?.. Out of 122 who cleared the written?. 122 opted for tech and 85 hr?? Final selection 25 (Remember more then 50% were rejected in HR so be careful and confident in what u say?) Me is one of them ?..See you at WIPRO?Bye

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