WIPRO  Placement Paper   General - Other   -15 Oct 2008

WIPRO  Placement Paper   General - Other   -15 Oct 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi freshersworld ppl ., I am S.Ramki doing my B.tech CSE. I am placed n Wipro Technologies!!! I don't want to bla bla the same story...read this read that...like tat and all...hope ,this  will be very useful to all u ppl...
    The selection round consists of the following rounds :
    1.Aptitude round
    2.Technical round
    3.HR round

    This round consists of 3 sections !!
    1.Verbal(20 marks)
    2.Analytical(20 marks)
    3.Technical(10 marks)

    1.Verbal :
    It had 2 synonyms, 5 fill in the blanks questions asked from a single paragraph,1 or 2 punctuation mark questions, direct speech to indirect, analogy questions, error correction in the given sentence...like this 20 que...Don't worry!!! u can easily crack...jus see some nice grammar book and know the concepts and rules...tat s it...don mug up them or spend much time on these...u can easily get 14 or 15 marks in this !!

    2.Analytical :
    it'll be of 20 marks
    It will be bit tough ,if u don know the following chapters in R.S AGARWAL
    6.time and work
    tat s it....u can crack this!!! but practice as many sums u can...so tat it'll be useful to complete the paper fast!
    this s the time consuming section...so attempt it in the end! :)

    3.Technical :
    This s the easiest!!!! just 10 questions
    4 C programs., but very easy programs...to find the output
    1 question from Data structures
    1 from Unix
    3 theory q from C again!!!
    so study C .....C........C :)

    for CSE guys the cut off will be 5-6
    for other dept the cut off will be 2-3.
    Don't worry friends! they will say tat there will be sectional cut off...if u follow the above said procedure...surely u can get a minimum of 14+!4+8=32!!!! which is more than enough for qualifying the 1st round....

    As I was a Computer Science student i was screwed in my area of interest (DBMS & OS) ...
    The minimum & necessary need before attending this round is u must have knowledge in C, C++....versatile knowledge...
    Ppl, they won mind the dept at all....surely they'll shoot que in C, C++...so be aware!!!

    3.HR ROUND :
    U are 90 % placed man
    but still they'll expect only fluency of English here!!! speak everything boldly...!!!there will be stress interview at times!!! so take care..
    Prepare well !! do well ....

    Expecting u all in the Wipro Family

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