WIPRO  Placement Paper   General - Interview   SJCE, Mysore-23 Jul 2007

WIPRO  Placement Paper   General - Interview   SJCE, Mysore-23 Jul 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    hiii wipro had visited our college on 23rd & recruited about 30 to 40 students
    3 phases of selection-written test,technical interview, hr interview 

    written test consisted of 3 parts-verbal (15 questions),analytical(15 questions),technical(20 questions)
    sectional cutoff was there. 1 hr time.no negative marking. 

    i found technical questions were pretty tough compared to other 2 sections. verbal & aptitude(analytical) questions were easy. questions included in verbal:

    to give the correct order of the jumbled sentences.(2 or 3 such questions)
    to give the meaning of the phrases.ex: Lion's share, fair & square (2 or 3 such questions)
    antonyms,synonyms(5 questions)
    to fill the blanks with most appropriate word(2 or 3 such questions)
    ex:my brother is an ......... scholar
    a)eminent  b)imminent c)iminent d)eminant
    ans is a)eminent

    it was easy to score
    analytical test problems included on
    1)speed of trains,their collision 
    2)father's & son's age,
    3) time & work,
    4) permutation & combination( of seating arrangements)
    6)given total heads & legs of hens and cows.to find the number of hens
    9)set theory etc

    they were easily crackable..technical test  included questions
    1)to simplify boolean expression using K maps,
    2)logic gates(ex:negation of nor gate)
    3)o/p of the given unix commands like grep,ls
    4)o/p of c & c++ programs( 4 such questions)
    5)operating systems etc
    devise the time properly..i ran out of time for technical section.i dint much time to analyse the programs
    5-10 minutes for verbal
    20-25 minutes for apti
    remaining time for technical

    results were announced after 30 mins around 100 were shortlisted. technical interview was cool.students from hardware branches could opt either vlsi or software itself..

    the person who interviewed me was very cordial..he asked
    "tell me about yourself"
    "languages u have learnt"
    i answered c,c++,sql & the remaining questions he asked  were based on that
    uses of macros
    arrays,structures,linked list
    memory allocation in structures
    implementation of linked list,dynamic arrays
    program to swap 2 numbers using pass by reference
    advantages of c++ over c
    definitions of class,object,inheritance, polymorphism n other concepts
    program to illustrate function overloading
    program compilation steps
    preprocessor directives,their uses
    in dbms
    create student database table
    primary key, secondary key
    many questions on lab projects done in 5th & 6th semester
    software engg concepts implemented while doing these projects
    then finally he asked my goal in life n handed me a form to fill up.Around 45-50 were given that form
    students who got that form were eligible for hr interview

    in HR interview
    i was asked the questions by a lady HR
    "tell me about ur studies"
    "why SJCE?"
    "why WIPRO?"
    "Are you not ready to go to any other places than bangalore?" because i had mentioned only "bangalore"
    a small discussion went on between us. 
    in hr they usually see the way we communicate. Those who spoke fluently & confidently were selected

    finally 35-40 were recruited for the WIPRO. the Wipro people gave us a small speech & condtioned that 8th sem must be cleared in 1st attempt & minimum of 60% aggregate must be maintained as on the joining date..

    All the best for your placements...I hope this 'll help u people atleast a bit...

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