WIPRO  Placement Paper   General - Interview   KIIT, Bhubaneswar-3 Apr 2007

WIPRO  Placement Paper   General - Interview   KIIT, Bhubaneswar-3 Apr 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi this is Aditya. I am in 3rd year ,CSE. On 3rd April WIPRO visited our campus.
    The selection procedure was ---
    Written Test
    Technical Interview
    HR Interview

    1. Written paper was consisting three parts---
    (i)  English (15 qn) -> It was consisting 2 antonym, 2 synonym ,1 spelling check, 2 active / passive, 1 sentence build up and few grammar based.
    (ii) Logical (15 qn) -> It was average.
    (iii) Technical (20 qn) -> C , C++, UNIX . It was also not tough. u need to hav a basic knowledge of C,C++ and  bit more in UNIX
     Total time was 1 hr. THERE WAS SECTIONAL CUT-OFF .

    2. After crossing the barrier of written test there was Technical Interview. My interview was on late night around 1:30 AM. The intrviewer was a very nice and friendly person.
     some qns are---
    (1). What languages do u knw?
    -> C,C++, HTML, PHP (I intensionlay mentioned HTML and PHP in last so that i can expect some qn from these.)
    (2). What project you hav done on HTML and PHP ?
    ->(i had mentioned abt it in my resume) Said and described completly.
    (3). Are you comfertable with DBMS?
    -> Yes Sir , It was in my last sem.
    (4). What are the Primary Key and Secondary Key?
    (5). Can a primary key hav more than one attributes?
    (6). What are the diff types of joines?
    (7). What is Normalization and Denormalization?
    -> Gave the definitions and the said abt all normal forms.
    (8). Write any one prog in C of ur own choice.
    (9). Do u hav any qn to ask?
     -> (Its always better to ask so u must be ready wid a good qn.)
    After this he gave me a good feedback, said I am recomending u for the HR round , ALL THE BEST and then gave me the HR form for which i was awating.

    3. My HR person was also friendly. He asked sm qn based on the information's which i had supplied in the HR form
    (1) So ur hobby is gardening. wat do u do actually in it?
    (2). How will u plant a rose?
    (3). Ur strengths?
    (4). Ur weakness?
    (5). Why should i hire you?
    (6). Tell me something abt ur schooling.
    (7). Are u interested in learning new things?

     After all these i waited for the result . The result came out on next day in the night. 288 were qualified after written and finally 140 got seleceted.
    And due to GOD grace i was one of them.
    From my side i would like to say one thing that always be positive, never loose hope, stay confident (specially in interviews) and there is definitely luck matters.


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