WIPRO  Placement Paper   General - Interview   IET-Lucknow, Lucknow(U.P.)-12 Jun 2007

WIPRO  Placement Paper   General - Interview   IET-Lucknow, Lucknow(U.P.)-12 Jun 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hello frz this is shobhit...i am very happy to b here to share my experience with u...there was 200(appx.) student  appeared in ex. finally 47 selected. 

    overall procedure contains following round ...
    1.written....which contains
    a) verbal(15 q)
    b)aptitude test(15 q)
    c)technical ques.(20 q)

    2. technical interview

    out of which i feels written is littele bit tuff as it contain sessional cutoff.(from our MCA 20 nearly selected in this round) the technical round was the major elemnation round.(6 remains)

    hr round was totally confidence n positive attitude dependent round.(finally 5 got )
    Written test:...there was no negative marking in paper
    Verbal patterns contains wrong spelled words (2 q are there ).
    arrange the order of sentences to form a parragraph(2 q) some q of replace the correct phrase.
    fill in the blanks with proper alternatatives given.
    Aptitude pattern contains series problem, ratio problem ,a ques on clock, blood relation problem, i did't remember more as i am week in this portion so not fairly read all ..

    Technical paper is good .i read all question . n done according to my skill . ques are mixed .4  program output in c r there.....feels to b hard i answer only for 1..
    a q asked on unix inventor,dedlock in os,q on rebooting process, binary eq of 189,a long fun defination is asked,some unix commands
    destructor and pure virtual fun in c++.q is how we define pure virtual fun (ans. is =0)
    so basically problems from os,unix,c,c++.some more

    it was the major elemnation round. your confidence is required here it is ur bonus point here really......when i enters i say good "afternoon sir" with a fair smile .he asked me too sit n to give my c.v.
    he read my c.v many times then ask me too tell me abt myself.i simply tell abt my father,mother,brother,academic n my ambition.
    he put q instancelly to my ambition i says that sir it is my keenest desire to join the professional organization.
    he asked why professional organization??...i says sir bcz i wan a utilized my technical skill there...what ever i have.(i was well prepared of that q)
    then he ask who prepare ur cv ..i says my brother helps me(as i put my cv looking something like to b used in experienced interview)
    then he starts asking with VB 6.0.as i fills my area of intrest on c,c++,vb
    what is vb 6.0?
    what extra feature it contains then compared to non-gui based langugae?
    tell it components n it's visulization view?(as i answered that it provide the flexible visulization view)
    then he reads my little project in vb. which i mentioned.(my project is little and tital is personal account diary)
    ask abt my projects.
    what is ur project?
    what security feature u provide in it?
    i tell him about user authentication scheme.
    a questtion of connectivity.
    what tool i used for connectivity i tell him adodc.
    what is adodc?
    then ask would u made any project up to this sementer which u submitted.
    i tell him about railway reservation system . i actually have a only sufficient  idea abt it as it made in vb.net. and i did't command on it.
    but as i told him .he asked about project.
    what is objective of ur project?
    how realistic it is?
    frontend n backend?
    what view it provided? 
    why vb.net?
    diffrence b\w vb n vb.net?
    then ask some basic q of c n c++.
    what is the basic diff b\w c n c++?
    what is the oops concept how it operate on real world problem?
    what is actual object oriented approach?( i am little bit confused in it ...but i answred)
    then asked me to tell some os name.(i tell nearlly 6-7.dos,window,linux,the,os-2,os-360..etc.)
    then he tells okk shobhit we have a form u have to fill it up.n gave an hr form.
    when i came out the room i found that i am the only one boy from my mca who got this hr form.
    i feels really relax.after it in boys only my two more frz got that form.

    HR interview
    we got very less time to fill up this form.as our MCA call to hr is very soon i get not sufficient time to fill the form .
    when i enters he was standing on panel door..he was really franky person .
    he smiles n brought me in to the room n sitted on his seat n started to read my hr form n forget to asked me for sit on chair .
    i gently asked him to sit .he told please have a seat.
    then he introduce himself to me .
    then says so shobhit lets start our dicussuin with ur introduction.
    i repeated as i was told in technical.
    then tell him abt my cousine who worked in cadenc mnc.
    then asked me abt my gap ..i answered fairly
    he matched my persentage with  what i write in form.
    then he asked me to count some qualities of mine.
    i tell him my passion to work, my keenest desired to b a part of any big professional organisation like wipro.
    why wipro? he asked
    i said that sir wipro is one of the big proff. org in our country.
    n wipro is one of the company which got a cmm 5 level certificate.
    he asked what is cmm 5 level certification?
    i describes that it was the tread mark of growth n performace of compnay in market.
    what posoition u want in wipro? he asked
    i says my dream is to b a s\w programmer.
    what is programmer?
    i told that a programmer is a person to whom aproblem is given with some condition n he\she have to solved it n to back out put according to
    reqirment in specified formate.
    then he tells that it is not clear from yor form what is ur weekness?(as i tell u before i got very less time to fill up the hr form)
    i told him abt my weekness.n it have not any profeessional touch.
    he then ask some q on my wekness i answered fairly.
    then he read the form again n ask so u ready to go any where (as i have been filled up prefered location bang.,pune,gurgaon)
    then he tells me abt aggrement of wipro .
    finally smiles n tell okk shobhit meet at ppt room.
    i said thank you sir.

    i noticed that he tries to check my attitude n my confidence . result was declared nearlly at 10.00 pm .when i know that i got selected .......i can't believed ........really nothing just the god'hand  at that time on my head....

    there were 2 boys n 3 gals from MCA are selected ....i am lucky to one of the two boy. by god frz just your confidence is the key factor.........rais it up to mark. i hope u too got selected......so meet u in wipro.....


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