WIPRO  Placement Paper   Candidates Experiences   G.L.A.I.T.M Mathura-12 Feb 2008

WIPRO  Placement Paper   Candidates Experiences   G.L.A.I.T.M Mathura-12 Feb 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012

    AHello friends....I m  Padmendra  a student of  GLA Mathura. Wipro visited my college on 12th & 13th march 2008.It was pool campus selection procedure. About 600 students from 7 college appeared in it.

    The selection process consisted of three rounds as..

    1         APTITUDE .


    3         HR  INTERVIEW


    The pattern of aptitude paper was changed some what. It consisted of three sections.

    1 Verbal Section (20 ques)

    2 Analytical  Section(20 ques)

    3 Technical Section (10 ques)

    The time provided for paper was 60 minutes. There was no negative marking. There was sectional cutoff in paper , so keep balance while attemting the paper.

    Verbal: This section was tough and mainly based on vocab. It consist of ques like fill in blanks, synonyms, antonyms, analogies, sentence arranging.Some vocab based questions were  from  Barron?s.

    Analytical: This section was carrying quantitative and reasoning ques. The quatitative questions were easy. They  were from the topics average, probability, area, %age, time & work. The reasoning questions were lenthy & were taking time in reading and comprehending. RS Agrawal book for quantitative and reasoning is sufficient.

    Technical: This section was comparatively easy.It consisted of  2 output ques from C, 1 ques from Unix,1 decimal to binary conversion,1decimal to hexadecimal conversion, complexity of linear search and likewise some other ques.Refer exploring C for C questions.

     I started with the analitical section and done abt 12 ques then completed technical section quickly and then given enough time to verbal section, after that in the remaining time I attemted all the ques. Time management is very important for this round.

    183 students were selected in the aptitude round.

    Technical interview :    My technical interview was done on next day. When I went in front of him he asked me to wait for 1 minute and then asked my CV .He asked me ques

    1 Tell something about urself

    2 Tell reason of decrease in marks from 10th to 12th.

    3  Asked two output ques from C(one was related to use of Array for function storage, it was tough and other ques  was from double parameter passing and receiving in one variable)

    4 Then he asked two aptitude ques , one series Ques ,one ques from probability.Series ques was

      O  T  T  F  F  S  S  E  N  _  _ .(It is first letter series of 1 2 3 4 5 ?.)

    5 Asked three ques from DBMS,four ques from JAVA and some ques from Software engineering

      In the end he asked me why I want to join WIPRO and during when I was answering he given me HR form.I was quite happy.

       In this round they ask about most of technical subjects, so be ready for difficult questions also .My suggetion for technical interview is that go through completely with the things given by u in CV  and  be confident while answering.

    76 out of 183 were sortlisted in this round.

    HR  Round:     It was stress interview. When I entered the room he was having my form which I filled earlier. The interview last for about  ½ hour .He tried to put pressure but I kept my cool and answered all  questions properly.  For HR always go with some preparation of the ques which are always asked.

    The result was declared at 4 pm .51  students were finally selected.? I was one of them?& I was on sky?

    ALL THE BEST friends ?.. SEE U IN WIPRO?




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