WIPRO  Placement Paper   Candidates Experiences   Amrapali Institute Of Technology,Gurgaon-09 Dec 2011

WIPRO  Placement Paper   Candidates Experiences   Amrapali Institute Of Technology,Gurgaon-09 Dec 2011

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hi  Friends,

    Wipro Technologies has organised an off campus drive on 10th Dec,2011 at Amrapali Institute of Technology,Gurgaon.This off campus drive was organised for the students who have applied on the wipro job portal.On 10,Dec the drive starts around 10 a.m .There were around 1000 students for the drive.

    There were 4 rounds:

    1. Aptitude written test

    2. Essay writing

    3.Technical Interview

    4.HR Interview


    The first round was the elimination round around ,239 students were left after the first round.The second round was non elimination round.In this round a topic was given to write an essay.The third round was the most critical hurdle for the shortlisted candidates.There were around 6 panels who were taking technical round.My interview was scheduled on next day.I was bit nervous as all the students were preparing hard,carrying various certifications ,but also confident ,as i had faced around 5 interviews prior to this one.The question asked in the technical round were:


    >>Tell me something about urself?

    Ans. Told(confidently)

    >>What your final year project?

    Ans.Told (Explained the whole project confidentally with a smile).The interviewer was impressed.

    >>Can u write the codes of your project?

    Ans.Sure sir

    >>Are u sure?

    Ans. confident yes.


    Ans. as i was about to start he said ok leave that.

    >>What are preprocessors?

    ans. told

    >>Tell me something about constructors and deconstuctors?

    Ans.Told confidentally

    >> Some questions were asked from DBMS and Operating Systems.As i have mentioned my areas of interest as same.

    >>My interview was last for around 45 mins.

    I leave the room with a more confident smile as i got selected in technical.

    Around 120  students were left after the technical round.


    The last round was HR .This round was the formality round. But your confidence and personality ,communication,dressingg sense will be analysed thoroughly.As Wipro sees his employees at the best.My HR round was good.


    The results were anounced after 15 days through the mails.These 15 days were the most important days for me.

    On 26 dec i.ve got a mail for selection in WIPRO TECHNOLOGIES.


    Thanked to God ,My Parents......got tears in my eyes to see that mail.



    This was my 5th company....so please dont lose hope and prepare for the future.Confident is the key through which you can unlock all the doors.


    Best of Luck.


    See you in Wipro Technologies soon.

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