WIPRO  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Techno India, Kolkata -27 Mar 2011

WIPRO  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Techno India, Kolkata -27 Mar 2011

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    7 Jan, 2012


    This is Rajarshi Guin of CSE in Asansol Engineering College(2007-2011). We had a campussing of Wipro Technologies at Techno India, Salt Lake, Kolkata, during 28th March,2011-1st April,2011. It was a pool campus of the Techno India Group in which four colleges participated.

    There where three steps in the selection process:-
    1. Aptitude test
    2. Technical Interview
    3. HR Interview

    Aptitude Test-
    It was a offline one of 50 min duration. There were three sections- verbal, aptitude and technical - each of 20, 20 and 10 questions respectively. The verbal part contained ques from synonym, antonym, making a meaningful word out of given alphabets etc. The aptitude part had questions from time and distance, area, principal interest etc. The technical part consisted of basic C programs, postfix notation, stack etc. I had done about 18, 14 and 7 questions respectively in each section.
    With this I cleared the aptitude round. Next was the technical interview.

    Technical Interview-
    My technical interview was on 31st March at Techno India. The interview is as follows-
    Me: Good afternoon, Sir.
    Sir: Good afternoon. Please take your sit.
    Me: Thank you, Sir.
    Sir: Show me your CV. (in my CV my subjects of interest were DBMS and compiled design. after seeing that...) So you are good in DBMS and compiler design. What is right outer join?
    Me: answered....
    Sir: Differentiate between inner join and cartesian product.
    Me: told...
    Sir: Update a table Customer and assign the value 700011 in the pin code column for all tuples.
    Me: told...
    Sir: A program is as follows.
    int a()
    int b()
    return n;
    Explain the entire process of compilation.
    Me: I told only about the program counter.
    Sir: What type of data  structure is used here? Just answer this correctly and I will give you the form.
    Me: told correctly...
    He gave the form and then just asked some general ques like where did u do your schooling, where do u stay etc.
    Some ques asked to my friends are-
    What is a cross compiler? program to check string pallindrome, bubble sort, copying the contents of a[34] to a[50] from an array a of 51 elements into another array by using pointer, swapping using pointer etc. Difference b/w static and compile time binding? Polymorphism.
    Also some were asked puzzles.
    They mainly concentrate on the subjects given in the CV.
    If you are selected in the technical round the u will be given a form immediately. If u do not get the form then u are not selected.

    Then we had to fill up the form. Along with the form we also had to write an essay. My essay topic was 'Migration to urban areas-Causes, consequences'. There was ample time to write the essay. The other essay topics given to my friends were 'Privatization of education', '60 yrs of Indian Independence' etc. The essay was not an elimination round. It had to be submitted at the time of HR.
    Now for the HR round.

    HR Round-
    My HR was held on 1st April at the Wipro office in Sector 5. The interview was taken by a mam. It is as follows-
    Me: May I come in, Mam.
    Mam: Yes, plz come in.
    Me: Good morning, Mam.
    Mam: Good morning, plz take your seat.
    Me: Thank you, Mam.
    Mam: You are Rajarshi Guin, right?
    Me: Yes, Mam.
    Mam: Introduce yourself.
    Me: told. (I had told that my hobbies were playing computer games and reading books)
    Mam: Which type of games do you play?
    Me: I like racing games like most wanted and motogp2.
    Mam: Don't u play NFS?
    Me: Most Wanted is one of NFS only.
    Mam: Do you have any year gap or backlog?
    Me: No, Mam.
    Mam: Do you have any problem in relocating?
    Me: If the company requires me somewhere and my career prospects are also better then I surely will.
    Mam: Which interviews have u attended till date?
    Me: told.
    Mam: Okay u may leave now. The results will be forwarded to your tpo.
    Me: Thank you, Mam.

    Finally on 5th April the results were declared. Out of the 215 students selected from all the colleges I was one of them. Finally I am in WIPRO Technologies. Previously I had attended the campussings of TCS, Dynamic Digital Technology, L&T Infotech, OFSS and Huawei. I was not selected in any of them. I had almost given up the hope of getting a job. Finally it was Wipro.
    Don't lose your patience. Some company somewhere is waiting for each and everyone. You will surely get into one.

    So good luck and hope to meet you in Wipro.

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