WIPRO  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Sri Ramswaroop College Of Engg. -10 Feb 2011

WIPRO  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Sri Ramswaroop College Of Engg. -10 Feb 2011

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    7 Jan, 2012

    It was a pool campus placement and WIPRO Infotech visited this college. I am from Integral University and went to attend it.

    First it was an online test which was divided into 3 section, namely:
    English(20 ques)-English section was easy and mainly consisted of tenses, prepositions and sentence completion. Aptitude(20 ques)-Aptitude was not that easy, calculator was not allowed,. Ques were like of encoding ,set theory, relation based,etc.
    Customer Relationship(10 ques)-Easiest section was of customer relationship. Here you have to ans the ques keeping in mind that customer is always happy
    1 hr was given for the online test.
    After an hr result was declared and my name was there.

     Then there was gd round,here 50% of the students were eliminated in that round.My gd topic was gov sector vs. private sector my friend's gd topic was product vs process.I qualified that round ,they simply checked ur communication skills and English.

     Then it was a technical round, that mam asked me  some basic concepts of C and C++ and also asked me to write a string program.My technical interview didn?t go that well,I came out was disappointed with my performance. She asked me to wait outside. After around 2.5hrs of wait  my name was called for HR interview,I was v happy that time.

    HR asked me about my family background,about my brothers and sister. I think she took my MR interview as well cauz she gave me a situation and asked me how will I react in that .After that she gave me a form to a fill.She said results will be declared within a week.Now am waiting for the results. Hope God is with me n I will make it my way through into WIPRO.
    Good Luck to you guys and girls
    Be confident this is what i observed helps you most.

    God Bless

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