WIPRO  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Pondicherry-21 Dec 2011

WIPRO  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Pondicherry-21 Dec 2011

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    7 Jan, 2012



    The Selection Procedure of WIPRO Consist of following 3 rounds

    1.Written Test

    2. Essay writing (Non - elimination round)

    3.Technical Interview

    4.HR Interview


    Hi Im DINESH.M ,I attended the Off campus drive at Pondicherry university, Pondicherry on 21st and 22nd

     December 2011 at 8am. There was a crowd of around 1500 candidates attended the campus interview.

    It was a Written Based Test for 50 minutes. We were to attempt 50 questions. The questions were based on Analytical,Verbal and Technical.NO NEGATIVE MARKING.

    Written Based Test Questions:


    ·         *Speed and Time ( Train,Boat)
    *Some logical questions

    ·         *Area and Perimeter
    *Probability (Many questions from this chapter).
    *Problems on Ages (Many questions from this chapter).

    The questions are pretty lengthy but with all irrelevant statements. I remember one question where they told about a romantic story of Ram and Rahul and then right at the end after 5-6 lines, they came up with a question on ages of Ram and Rahul. I?d rather suggest everyone to start reading the question from where they find any NUMERICAL DATA.

    I don?t remember many questions but only a few (and that too not with exact numerical value). I?ll share with u a few questions such that you can understand what the question asked for.




    ·         Sentence correction

    ·         Active voice to passive voice vice versa

    ·         Synonyms and Antonyms

    ·         Idioms and Phrases.


    ·         C and C++(Debugging)

    ·         Logic gates.

    ·         Number conversion(Binary To Decimal?.)

    SECTIONAL CUT OFF is followed cut off is 10 for ANALYTICAL ,10 for VERBAL,and 5 or less than that for TECHNICAL based on our Department


    The Result Came After 4 Hours,I Cleared the Written test , Out off 86 attened 45 cleared the written test in my college,


    The Next day at 8A.M.  I was asked to write an essay on "Agriculture or manufacturing or services are the future development of india  " Its is an non-elimination round?this essay is the important ,the HR person will revise first then ur resume?.at time of interview.


    Then, I Attended Technical interview,

    Me  : Goodmorning Sir

    T.I. :Take ur seat

    Me  :Thank u Sir..

    T.I. :R u Dinesh

    Me  :S sir..

    T.I. :Ok Dinesh ?Tell Abt Urself

    Me  :When I was Telling?.he Suddenly stopped?.in My Project?

    T.I. :In ur Project wt Microcontroller r u usinh ?.he asked..

    Me:I said 8085

    T.I. :8085??? Are u sure?r u sure?..r u sure..??

    Me:Yes sir?yes sir..yes sir?.(THE ANSWER WICH I SAID WAS WRONG IT IS 8086)

    T.I. :ok u know to program 8085??

    Me:Yes Sir?

    T.I. :Ok ..follow this logic?..he said the logic off traffic light signal??one signal for 10 sec delay?rest of in 30 seconds delay?.


    Me: sir can I hav a piece of paper to write the program?.(I GOT THE PAPER)?

    T.I. : write ur name in top left corner..

    Me: Written the Program?.and explained?.(PROGRAM WRITTEN WAS WRONG)

    T.I. : Good Keep it up dinesh

    T.I.: ok u write with this logic the same program with 10seconds delay ?

    Me :Wrote and explained in the paper?.(PROGRAM WRITTEN WAS WRONG)

    T.I.:Do u kno any Prgramming languages?

    Me:Yes sir?.C and C ++

    T.I.:what all the programs u know?

    Me:largest off three numbers..manipulatons off numbers?.sorting?

    T.I.:u kno sorting ah??

    Me:yes sir?

    T.I.:ok u sort these datas?..he wrote my name ,bala,diya,viky four names in the paper and ?asked to sort in descending way?

    Me:I Wrote the number sorting program..

    T.I.: it is wrong dinesh?.

    Me:Yes sir u r right?.if u insert the not operator symbol and correct this program it will sort

    T.I.:hmm?hey are u E.E.E. department student??...wen seeing my resume?

    Me:yes sir?.

    T.I.:dinesh u hav bright future?and u have to improve ur computer skills like java,html..xml?

    Me:Sir I have learned java ?.and html in my 12th std.

    T.I.:(pretty impressed and said) ohhh?is it??..can u print ur name in the browser?

    Me:yes sir?

    T.I.:ok write the coding?.

    Me:wrote and explained?

    T.I.:html coding conssits of title part dinesh?wer is it?

    Me:sir title part is optional?it is just a name off the file we can give or may?the default will be unitled?

    T.I.:good dinesh?What are the concepts in java?

    Me:told 3 concepts in java and xplained with a real time example?.

    T.I.:awesome?best off luck?dinesh u please fill this form ?and put a signature here?

    Me:while I was signing?

    T.I.:how was ur apti. Sterday?

    Me:it was nice sir?and I did well..

    T.I.:Good Luck Dinesh?

    Me:thank u sir?.


    My interview was around 20 minutes?.when I got the application form it is a sign off selection to HR round?.99%  u are placed if u clear the technical round?they are just checking ur way off approach?body language?subject knowledge..?..almost it is an elimination round?..one u cleared this round u are almost placed?.27 were selected in our college to attend H.R. round..


    After an hour I attended HR Round?



    Me:Good morning sir..

    T.I.:take ur seat?

    Me:thank u sir..

    T.I.:Tell abt ur self?


    T.I.:ok y nt placed yt?and how many interview u attended

    Me:said?am E.E.E?dept..new college?with rhythamatic tune..

    T.I.:Laughed like a hell?.said good luck

    Me:thank u sir?.


    After 4 Hours results came ?.26 were placed?..H.R. look for communication skills?..overall 120 wer selected out off 1500?.Do well?Almost Concentrate on Technical?.part in ur curriculum?.BEST OF LUCK?


    Regards ,





























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