WIPRO  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   OIST,Bhopal-10 Jan 2008

WIPRO  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   OIST,Bhopal-10 Jan 2008

  • Posted by  FreshersWorld 
    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi frns m here to tell u about my experience at campus drive of wipro technologies. Well the Process becomes easy once u crack the written Exam.But mind it u hav to b thorough with c/c++ to crack Wipro Technologies. 


    It consists of three sections:-
    - It is not that easy.U need to know a few word meanings,coz antonyms n synonyms may b askd.There will b one passage not big bt a it tuf.There will b a bit of grammar also.this section is of 15 marks.Try to finish off this section as soon as possible coz other sectons are time taking.

    b)Analytical Reasoning - It is easy if u r a bit good at maths.It consists of maths as wel as reasoning.Ques of STD,%age,Area are a must.Venn Diagrams,reasoning type ques also come.Take a bit of time to do this bt do dis coz galat hua to phasoge. There is sectional cut off

    c)Technical - This section is a real nutter if u r nt well versed in c/c++.im my parper 60% ques were frm c/c++.Some ques on Linux and general technical ques may b askd.I did nt know Linux however,since there was no negative marking so i marked on basis of assumption. 

    First i entered n said gudeve n he said me to sit down.Then he askd if i had an extra copy of my resume or nt.i had so i took it out n gave to him.
    I: Tell abt urself
    Me: told...
    I: Do u watch movies:
    Me: ya
    I: tell me the story of the latest movie u hav seen?
    Me: told...
    I: do u know c/c++?
    I: Wat is the difference b/w c and c++?
    Me :told...
    I: write a class wid data members and member funcn n show?
    Me: wrttn
    I: Askd abt wat i had stdied in electronics(i hd told as my fav subject)
    Me: Semiconductors n diodes
    I: Explain
    Me: explained
    I: askd abt data communication(my nxt fav)
    Me: told...
    I: Ok nw take this Form n fill it.......
    Me: thnk u sir gud day

    I was too happy to clear technical riund as i had thought that i wont b able to.Plss study al that u write in resume.They will ask all frm that. 

    It was quite easy interview jst askd me hw my day was n i said obviosly it was gr8.she askd me if i cud fll the bond n i sd pf course i will. 

    Nxt day results ere announced n i was too happy at my selection in a company like Wipro Technologies.I had already missed out a chance on CTS and i aws a bit sad.But as soo as i got in Wipro i was too happy.

    Okk frns all the beest.........Hope to c u all in Wipro....Applying Thoughts.


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