WIPRO  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Not Specified-28 Apr 2007

WIPRO  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Not Specified-28 Apr 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012



    hi to al. first of all i m thankful to all those papers and interview tips contributed on this site. wipro visited r collge 4 on-campus recruitment on 28th of april. the apti started at 9:30a.m. n it was of one hour.

    there was 3 sections:

    1.) verbal-15 ques 

    basic secondary level grammar and regular news paper readin type vocab is required. dont require to refer any particular book if u r really good at english and 4 others revise basic grammar and read newspaper daily!

    the questions were like:

    choose the most INAPPROPRIATE word (4 ques were like tat n 4 tat u require vocab)

    arrange this paragraph in a proper sequence (2 ques were tat)

    grammar (4-5 ques)

    odd man out (2 ques)

    rest i dont remember.

    2.) quant-15 ques

    do probability,time,speed,distance,que based on clock, upstream-downstream.

    4-5 ques of analytical reasonig.

    a very easy series based que.

    R.S.AGGARWAL is sufficient.

    3.)technical-20 ques

    oh!it was the toughest sect as am from E.C. (cut-off was lower for them n doC till pointer)but according to IT,CE people it was easy so dont worry and please revise C or C++ as per ur syllabus.

    out 850 studnts 159 wer short listed then ppt and then TECHNICAL PI started.IF U R GIVEN HR FORM IMMEDIATELY AFTER UR TECH PI THEN U R SELECTED 4 HR PI.refer ur fav. subject,ur projects n basic of current sem subs along with C.

    then HR was really cool n i really enjoyed PI!fill the HR form carefully ques will be asked from tat.

    the best way to crack PIs is BE CONFIDENT N A SMILE ON UR FACE. finally results wer declared at 11:15p.m. dont know exactly but almost 50 students werselected n i was one of them!


    K. Bhatt

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