WIPRO  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   MGIT Engg College, Hyderabad-13 Jun 2007

WIPRO  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   MGIT Engg College, Hyderabad-13 Jun 2007

  • Posted by  FreshersWorld 
    7 Jan, 2012


    hiii frnds...,, let me tell frm frst..

    u will have written test..15 marks verbal..
    u will have 2...idioms
    "fast and loose" what does dis mean??
    and and one rc...very easy read it carefully..and relationships between words...2 vere given like beacon:: light and skinflint::stingy 
    and "act with balance" means equaminity and 2 jumbled sentences...
    next comes....QUANT 15MARKS read each and every line carefully answer will be very easy if u go through carefully or else u in trap
    one venn diagrams,2 clocks,1..pipes and cristerns,1 ratios..,1 percentage, profit and loss,speed that formula 2xy/(x+y), and
    simple interest go by answers it will save time....etc..
    then comes to TECHNICAL...20 marks
    i could attempt only c,c++ as i am ece student u have some general questions on which has max storage etc...
    totally 236 wrote and 116 cleared it..
    next comes technical round be very very confident ur answer does not play a major role ur confidence even its wrong and be urself...maintain a smile on ur face till the end...
    u will have ques like tell abt ur self and abt ur coll,ur prog languages tell only abt those abt which u r confident...and i told only c and basics of c++..and where u will be after 5yrs and i told abt my own establishment of dream company and what u expect frm wipro etc prepare well abt such ques... but give a confident answer..
    after that u will be given a hr form...
    totally 60 were out from dis round

    next u have to fill ur strengths and weakness give a +ve answer for ur negatives also like eg;....perseverance and my focus on even small details...etc... for which u can defend ur self and if u r ece y u came to software side...and if u have any distinctions do specify in ur hr form and hobbies.mainly and be prepared wid short notes of ur projects or pps or poster presentations if u specified in ur resume....rember dont give any negative answers and never stop in btn....

    finally 54 r selected and im one of them....and plz have faith in god and ur self dont worry if u dont get also may be a better company waiting for u...:)
    i wish u all the very best for people who r appearing for wipro..


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