WIPRO  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Haldia Innstitute Of Technology,Haldia-21 Feb 2008

WIPRO  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Haldia Innstitute Of Technology,Haldia-21 Feb 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    On 21st nd 22nd WIPRO conducted an interview in our college,Haldia Institute of Technology(HIT).. On 21st was d ppt &apti..610 stud?s appeard..343 cud mak it..the PI startd immediately nd continud til 22nd evening..

    In Aptitude dere was verbal,quanti&technical section..dere was sectional cut-off but no negative marking..


    Well..My experience was gr8..i am a student of Instrumentation and Control..nd in my CV I mentioned Microprocessors&Microcontrollers & Digital Electronics nd Integrated Ckts as my majors?jus sharing a few questions wit u all..


    Technical(22ndFeb,2:30 p.m.)?

    1)Tell me something bout ur family background?

    2)What is the actual meaning of the term ?electronics? ?

    3)What is Microprocessors?

    4)What are the basic logic gates..draw each one and xplain?

    5)WHY on making both the inputs high in the AND Gate..the o/p becomes high?

    6)Suppose ur talking  to a layman!now say What is a computer?

    7)What is a Variable?

    8)If I store a value,say a=5?how wil u change the value to a=15?

    9)Write down a C Program?explain?

    10)How many hours do you spend in ur laboratory?

    11)what if u need to do overtime in office??

    12)In wich part or sector of Wipro do u wan 2 b placed?

    13)what if u don get a job dere??will u leave d company??

    14)What r ur Weaknesses?

    15)Do u hav ny relatives in Kolkata?

    16)Do u have any questions?


    B4 d interview I ws very nervous..but I wen insid..at 1t he askd bout me&famil backgd jus2 brek d ice..slowly I gaind confidnc?I answerd all d questions very nicely..he askd me 2 write aC program,,jus 2 chek my programin skills..i wrot& xplaind each word..how&why it is used?wen askd wedr I hav ny questions?I askd him regarding d future career prospects in d company,wat sort of training do they give?wat d course includes etc.etc..


    Aftr dat he gav me d HR form..i was delighted..i knew I had passed d techi..

    i wen and filld up the HR Form..nd submitted..i ws waiting outside d conference hall were d interviews wer goin on..i was actually njoying wid mah frendz wen all of a sudden my name was called?I ran..d interview(HR) started..

    dese r the few questions wich I was askd in d HR round?  

    1)Tell me something bout ur family background?

    2) and about urself??

    3)What r ur strengths?

    4)What r the 3 things bout the Pre-Placement talk that u likd d most??

    5)In wich sector of WIPRO do u wana work?

    6)What r ur Job xpectations?

    7)Wil u hav a problem if we place u n any part of the country?

    8)On wich areas do u wana improve??

    9)what kind of work environment do u wan?

    10) R u ready to sign d bond??

    Den he said?ok?u wil no ur results by 6 p.m..Thank you?


    Dat was all?d interview was xcellent..mindblowing..i wen outsid..nd waitd 4 d results?

    At7:30 d results wer out; 177 wer selectd..I was one among dem..

    Dat was all..frendz.i wud sugest tat u shud no ur basics,a few fundamental laws (lik ohms,theven?s,superpose,fourier,laplace) ur major sub?s & C very wellif u hav mentioned ny projct,ur idea bout the project shud b crystal clear?

    B honest..tru2 urslf& d interviewr & confidnt & above all hav faith in god!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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