WIPRO  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Deoba Group Of Institutions -26 Jan 2011

WIPRO  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Deoba Group Of Institutions -26 Jan 2011

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hi to All,
    Let me start with the thanks to freshersworld.com and my friend mahi (who give me success matra) , shama saruprinder and nikita to help me to be a Wiprovite.
    Whole process is divided into 3 parts:-
    1. Written test

    And there were 3 sections
    It has totally 50 qns.
    It consists of 3 or 4 synonyms and antonyms(always frm gre books).Its quite diff to read everything and remember,so have a guess on this and dont prepare much for this.
    then active,passive,tenses,jumble sentences,short paragragh qns(comprehensions).
    The verbal section is very easy only.No preparations needed for this one.
    It had qns from
    Heights and distance,clock,ages,permutations and combinations,probability,profit and loss,boats and streams,distance(trains)
    A go through on R.S.Agarwal's Quantitative aptitiude book is more than enough.
    memorize all the formulae in that book under each section and see the eg solved problems alone.
    All the qns are always asked from this book model questions only and hence a good preparation on this ll easily get you through to next round.

     I guess it was the toughest part. Questions from C, microprocessor, Logic gates and some conversions from binary to digital & Output of programs of "C"

    2. Technical round:

    I entered in d hall at 12.30 and they called names according serial order, when I was about to enter the interview hall, I was informed by that previous candidates who went in for interview were asked to write simple C programs of their choice. I just revised the prime no and armstrong no programs and went in before they completed their lunch still i was feeling a bit nervous as i m from electrical engg background.
    My interviewer somewhat looking angry or something i cann't recognize his expression 

    Me: Good Afternoon Sir
    Int: Just give me Signal to sit down
    Me: Thank you Sir

    Int: Tell about yourself
    Me: Told

    Int:Tell me something about ur final yr project

    Int:It seems u buy the project from the market
    Me: Convince him by plotting some diagrams and give more details abt the project

    Int:Tell me abt ur other projects?

    Int:Being the HOD of ur polytechnic Institute why you want to leave ur current job and why is need to join WIPRO?
    Me:Told but not satisfied in my opinion

    Int: Give a puzzle and say if u solve this in 2 min u r selected otherwise rejected......
    Me:Complete darkness all around only god name inside but try hard to solve but cann't even in 5 min

    Int: leave that I know u cann't ...... Go for HR
    Me:Thanks a lot

    Not even a single question from C C++ or From Data structure , I am very happy to clear the technical only confidence and your attitude not to give up the key to success in technical

    After get through the technical round, We were asked to write Essay for 10 minutes on the Topic
    "Views on Mobile Communication Revolution ". Write the Essay Seriously as the HR person will go through your essay

    HR Interview:-
    1. Introduce about yourself? I said
    2. Is there any backlog?
    3. Tell me abt ur essay in 3-4 sentence

     By God's Grace I cleared the HR Interview. Please Don't Lose Your Hope and confidence

    Have Faith in God,Everything Belongs to Him.
    See You In WIPRO......

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