WIPRO  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   CIET, Coimbatore-3 Jun 2007

WIPRO  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   CIET, Coimbatore-3 Jun 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi friends.....My name is R. Mohamed Wasim Akram currently finished  my 6th sem exams in b tech(IT) in maharaja Engg college, coimbatore. by Allah?s grace I got placed at Wipro .I attend off campus.. Here is the test and interview procedures we went through

    There were three rounds
    1.Aptitude(150 cleared out of 550) 50 questions-60 min .....no negative  .....
    15 aptitude  -  All the questions were of exactly same type....all were lengthy questions to read..........but at t end t most of t questions were simple nd even not at all connected wit all t data provided. so i prefer reading t last sentence of t question before writing up t data nd start doin t problem.

    2.Technical Interview
    It is all in ur hand....Even though u dint answer much if u show confidence in ur communicaion u l be in..(except for few panels ----luck plays a big role) One important thing is that 4 tech interview ur resume wil be very important....For all my frnds they asked a lot of theory questions like
    networks-7 layers,function of each layer,error correction and detection techniques tcp/ip?.etc., Os-wht is os, functions, dead locks, semaphores, hold and wait, process handling, etc etc
    Then a simple programs in c cpp-recursion,fibinocci,factorial
    For me the interviewer asked for my resume...nd told me to introduce...I dint speak much abt my personal attributes, but concentrated in my professional attributes andAfter that he stopped tech nd asked me lot of  logical questions&HR quesions......

    HR Interview(63 cleared)
    1.Asked my family background.......
    2.why u choosed tis college
    3.in which area u?ll specialize if u join??.
    Then usual questions ......nutin much..... Prepare well....and be true to ur self. And all the best! Insha Allah??..

    Wasim akram

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