WIPRO  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   CGC Mohali-27 Nov 2010

WIPRO  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   CGC Mohali-27 Nov 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    We reached at vanue at 9.30 which was reporting time. Registration done and reg. cards were given to us.

    Written test:

    It contained three section; English 20 questions, aptitude 20, technical 10 questions. Total time given was 60 minutes


    1) Synonym, Antonym, error correction and some simple comprihension questions, word correction. You need to just look out any bank po english book you will surely get through

    2) Aptitude;

    a) A laddr is lying againest a wall of length 25 feet. Distance between bottm of ladder and wall is 7 ft. Now ladder got slide down by 4 feet. So wts the new distance betwen there botom ends.
    Ans: 25

    2) Probability questions was there

    3) A man want to paint roofs of two houses. He have a tin of paint. When he paints first flor he remained with a amount of paint by which he can paint 33 sqr. Feet more but when he paints the 2nd floure he left 162 sqre feet area upainted. Whats the amount of paint in tin

    4) A speed and distance questions.

    5) There are 4 conditional questions. Also like if a is taller then b and b is shorter then d. Like this aptitude was easy. One can easily attempt it but he needs to be careful about silly corrections


    1) A logic gate figure was given and output asked
    2) Prifix to postfix change of exp.
    3) 3 programs given n output asked
    4) Vaccume tubes are used in
    a) cpu   b) monitor  c) keyboard     d) mouse

    I'm from electonics and communicatin so attempted only 5 questions. From this part.

    For CS n it student this part was very easy with very basic question.

    Test was over n we were ask to sit in the same room for result. Result declaired after 1 hour and i got thorough.

    Communicatin test on rising India;

    Technical interview:

    I was called for technical interview at 7.30 in evening

    Me: May i come in sir
    Int: come in

    Me: Evening sir
    Int: Very good evening Neeraj, have seat, had luch today or not

    Me: No sir, i managed with only two smosa n one sandwhich n softdrinks
    Int: Smiled n say sory for keeping us on wait, give me a newspaper which have a sudoku n puzzeled words

    Me: I solved one word which was unforunetly wrong
    Int: Tell me the logic how you are solving this

    Me: Told
    Int: Good Neeraj, tell me something about your project

    Me: Bla bla bla bla bla. Told everything. I'm from electronics background so didn't asked any stupid question. regarding software zone
    Int: Read out my communication latter and point out a silly mistake. But i corrected that timely and made good excuse

    Int: Gave me a few puzzles
    Me: Solved out all the puzzels

    Int: You are from ECE back grond then why ECE.
    Me: Told

    Int: What were you doing in last few monts;
    Me: Told

    Finaly handover me the form for next round and i got through

    HR interview:

    Very formal question. Just for 5 minutes. And tell me that they will mail me my result

    Results steel awaited. Pray

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