WIPRO  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   BIET,Suri-21 Mar 2010

WIPRO  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   BIET,Suri-21 Mar 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    hii frnds. i am santanu chakraborty from heritage institute of technology, kolkata

    cse dept. we had a pull campus of WIPRO INFOTECH on 22nnd march,2010 at BITM,

    birbhum. 6 colleges participated in the campusing all over the west bengal. around

    300 students were persent there.

    wipro infotech has 5 tier selection process-

    1. online aptitude

    2. eassy writting

    3. gd

    4. technical interview

    5. hr interview

    1. online aptitude

    this section consists of 3 parts- math, english and technical. 60 ques to be

    answered in 1 hr. there are no negetive marking.solving previous years

    wipro papers are enough for this section.

    2. eassy writting

    next is eassy writting. we had to write an eassy of around 300words in 15 mins.

    our topic was"your role model in life". the result of apti and eassy are released


    when the result was anounnced, i found myself clearing these two section.

    3. gd

    next section is gd. our topic was "today education is learning or earning?". our

    batch size was 15. and among 15, 14 was selected. we were fortunate enough, but

    this did not happened with every batch. those but not all ,who could not speak

    well, were given a chance of re-gd.

    4. technical interview

    it was the most important round. most of the students were eleminated here. i

    entered the room at around 12.30 in the midnight. it was a 2:1 interview panel.

    me: may i come in sir?

    sir1: yes, come in. please sit down.

    me: thank you sir.

    sir1: which is your fav subj?

    me: core java

    sir1: what does finally do??

    me: i answered properly

    sir1: difference between final, finally, finalize??

    me: answered properly.

    sir2: why do we use static keyword?

    me: replied properly.

    sir1: advantage of linked list over array?

    me: answered properly.

    then sir2 asked me some ques of dbms, software engg like , what are diff types of

    testing?, what is waterfall model, acid property ,what is transaction? etc. and i

    answered those ques properly.

    sir1: you are the only child of your parents?

    me: yes sir.

    sir1: then if are posted outside WB, do you have any prob?

    me: of course not sir.

    sir1: ok, thank you, wait outside for result.

    result was announced around 2.30 in the night. i was among the students who

    cleared the tech round,

    5. HR

    i entered the HR room at around 4.30 in the morning. it was a 1:1 interview. the

    HR manager was sitting in front of me.

    sir: why should wipro infotech hire you??

    me: i described my strength

    sir: now, why should not wipro hire you??

    me: i told my weakness.

    sir: whats your marks in class 10, 12 and btech

    me: i told

    sir: do you have any prob if you are posted outside Wb

    me: ofcourse not sir.

    sir: do you have any prob paying the bond??

    me: no sir.

    sir: ok, thank you. wait outside.


    at around 7.30 in the morning result was announced. 44 students were selected

    among 300 students. and i was one of them. it was a great moment for me. because i

    was rejected in TCS, INFOSYS before. we burst with joy. at that time i found a

    proverb very very true. that is " when GOD close 1 way, HE opens 1000 ways". i

    think my parents blessings, blessing of MAA KALI made me able to be got selected.


    SEE YOU AT WIPRO INFOTECH.............TATA......

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