WIPRO  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   -07 Jan 2011

WIPRO  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   -07 Jan 2011

  • Posted by  FreshersWorld 
    7 Jan, 2012

    HI this is satish(name changed due to some reasons)..I attended the wipro offcampus held in cochin which is organised by shreds kerala...(date 8,9 th july),,.let me give the detail description of how the entire procedure went, the test was conducted in KMEA COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING ,COCHIN

    I reached the college early in the morning around 8 o clock..the procedure for registration started..oly morning 8.30 batch were allowed to register first...As the time goes I can c large peoples coming inside the campus..to my suprise I think there was around 2 ,ooo people already looking for registeration..i went inside to take test
    Wipro HR came inside the hall wer the written test was being to b conducted..They were very strict..asked us to keep our bags away from us,,asked to switch off our mobiles and we should not keep our mobiles with us...
    after 10 min they gave the coding sheet and asked us to fill in all the details..
    Test Duration:1 hr
    Total question:50(20 verbal+20analytical and apps+10 technical),,,,they changed the pattern..no train prb,no clocks,no calenders,no active and passive voice....no direct and indirect speech..
    sectional cutoff:absolutely yesssss....my guess abt cutoff(10+10+4)
    but I am not sure abt tat...
    I answered more than 10 questions correctly in verbal and around 8 (I am pretty sure all of them are correct) in analytical and 2 in technical but as there was no negative marking I went for elimination method.i.e. to eliminate wrong answers in the choice,,so think I got some of them correct by this way also...
    I didnt remember the exact questions but wil try and give u what type of questions they asked..
    Verbal:one synonmys,paragraph and questions
    one paragraph given and 4 choices r given we have to find the correct answer
    "to control bull my its horns",,,,answers wer given and asked to find the choice which relates to the sentence----around 4 questions are of this type verbal is the most easiest part of all the section.....
     Quants:The greatest suprise to me was they compeletly changed the entire paper...no train,,no work prb,no clocks...
    more questions were of analytical type tat  means stands between whom??...etc ..dimensional fig given with some condition,,need to find which number is in diagonal..managed to answer 8 questions correctly i believe and guessed most of the questions after tat....
    ACCORDING TO ME QUANT  IS THE TOUGHEST SECTOIN OF ALL...as there were lot of analytical questions it s tough to manage time..Technical:'One question on logic gates,infix to post fix ,one c program,two unix command.,
    ..Icleared written....according to me if u answer more than 10 questions correctly in first two section u can clear the written
    As I was from the non it backround I dono much abt program laungage..but I studied basics
    he asked basic questions in c,,,data structures,diff b/w c and c++stack , queues,linked listNo definition..
    and one simpel c program.and my subject basic like mircroprocessor....ac..dc....
    IT TOTALLY DEPENDS WHAT TYPE OF HR U R DEALING WITH .........MY FRIEND WHO IS MY BRANCH OF STUDY WAS ASKED TO WRITE PROGRAMS..following wer the program asked for my friend who is also an non IT student,string exchange program,program to add and delete element in linked list,so just prepare everything and leave rest of the things to the GODcleared technical and hr..HR was simple just normal hr questions.. wipro?qualities ?///etc etc,,,dont get carried away once u cleared technical few peoples are eliminated in hr also,b carefull and dont over rate ur self untill u clear all the round......now I am happy that Iam in wipro.......Iworked hard for this,,,dont loose hope guys,,keep trying ...prepare well,,dont go with luck.. hard work wins

    hope my experiece helps some ones..thanks for reading my post.

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