WIPRO  Placement Paper   Aptitude - General   Vasavi College Of Engg, Hyderabad-22 Dec 2010

WIPRO  Placement Paper   Aptitude - General   Vasavi College Of Engg, Hyderabad-22 Dec 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hi Friends,

    This is Ranadheer from Vasavi College of Engineering, Hyderabad (C.S.E dept). Its glad to inform you that I got placed in Wipro during campus recruitments and I would like to share my experiences of that.

    It mainly contains 4 rounds
    1. Written Test.
    2. Writing an Essay.
    3. Technical round.
    4. HR round.
    1. Written test: (beware of sectional cut-off)

    It basically contains 3 sections (50 questions in 1 hour)

    a. Verbal (20 questions)
    Verbal paper was bit easy with synonyms and Antonyms, Active and passive voice, correction sentences, jumbled words, direct and indirect speech, reading comprehension based questions.

    b. Analytical (20 questions)
    Analytical paper was bit tough with tricky and lengthy questions based on number theory, partnership, probability, ages, train models, Time and distance, pipes and others.
    In this section I suggest you that pick the questions carefully so that you reach cut-of easily. Better to prepare from R.S.Aggarwal aptitude, R.S. Aggrwal Non verbal reasoning books. 

    c. Technical (10 questions)
    This paper was easy with lowest cut-off (I suppose), questions from basics of C (expected outputs and trace the type of error), Unix. 
    2. Essay writing (Not an elimination round)
    A general topic will be given, you need to write few lines about that with best supported examples and quotes. This is not an elimination round but better have an eye on it (asked me to summarize the essay both in technical and HR rounds). 

    3. Technical Round

    Technical round depends on the panel you were in.It differs from person to person. Mine was 50% Tech and 50% HR. Asked about project (Mini), achievements and basic questions in C(storage classes), C++, data structures (linked lists, sortings). Asked me to write algorithms too (because I am from CSE).   
    So prepare basic concepts thoroughly with syntax (structures, unions, enums, pointers, linked lists, trees,  inheritances, polymorphism etc).

    4. HR round

    After the completion of tech round if you cleared it, you will be given a form of wipro to fill (all the info. You have written in Resume). My HR interview was little stress one, where I think confidence levels was tested. He asked my views on various general topics (to examine you, so answer positively) with a mix of HR questions like what are the 3 things your expecting from WIPRO? where would you like to see yourself in next 3-5 years? why Wipro? and other.

    Went through all rounds and finally got selected (one among the 236 selected in our college). Bit tensed after my HR interview because of stress interview I felt. So, Be cool and confident enough to face any sort of interview. And my suggestion is to have your resume (short and aptitude) prepared well before the interview (only mention the things your are good at with a ready example to answer it).
    All the best!

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